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November 7, 2012

Electoral votes.  Pending Florida,  which is heading for another recount.  Y’all take all the time you want this go around.

Bipartisan thought. So why schedule elections on a Tuesday when one way or another it means a lot of people hung over on a Wednesday?

Eleven point gender gap as women went for Obama 55 to 44.   So is the next step for the GOP an attempt to repeal the 19th amendment?

Saddest thing about Mitt Romney’s loss for our country as a whole – many in the Republican party will think he lost for not being extreme enough.

Late this evening ,  Mitt Romney called  President Obama to concede. As a Californian  I am more than happy to wish Mitt a very happy retirement in our great state.-

President Obama is talking so much about hope in the face of what seems like insurmountable odds I almost expect him to declare himself a retroactive SF Giants fan.

CNN called California, Hawaii and Washington at 15 seconds after 8:00pm. What took them so long?

For that matter CNN  also said  Romney would win Utah as soon as the polls closed.  . Uh, they could have called that in January 2009.

Was Joe Donnelly’s win in Indiana a “gift from God?”

Tough night in the Mitt Romney “war rooms.”    Enough almost to drive a Mormon to drink?



From my very funny friend Neil Berliner: “Pack the dog up on the roof, Ann.”

And to anyone who’s made it this far, tomorrow this blog is back to more sports.