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All over but hanging the chads.

November 6, 2012

Really?!! One of the countless political emails I have gotten today says “Don’t forget to vote.” Oh, is there an election today or something?

Facebook has a little banner saying “Tell friends you’re voting in the 2012 Election.” Uh, I think in my case they already know.


Can you imagine the difference in turnout if every voter got a free lottery ticket?-

Who says Mitt is out of touch with modern America. Campaigning in front of 8,500 people in Virginia, Mitt said “I am looking around to see if we have the Beatles here or something.”


You know, had we just let the South secede the biggest issue after tonight’s election would be if U.S. President Obama would sign a treaty with Confederacy President Romney, or maybe Santorum.

Across the pond, the English must be watching all these U.S. voting controversies – early voting lines, provisional ballots, alleged fraud, etc – with all the amusement of parents watching their “oh-so-independent” children screw up when they try to do things on their own.

There have been so many versions of Mitt Romney in the 2012 election sometimes I have to wonder if the only consistent thing voters have to base their decision on is that he’s the white one….


-Just think, after today’s election many Americans can get back to the issues they really care about – like Lindsay Lohan’s possibly being charged for allegedly lying to the police about her car accident this summer.

So tomorrow what will the undecided voters of this country do for attention? Stand at the counter in front of us carefully perusing ALL the baked goods at Starbucks?


-Owner Jerry Jones says he will never step down as GM of the Dallas Cowboys. This is great news, for the rest of the NFC East.



A players’ poll had Rex Ryan overwhelmingly the most overrated coach in the NFL. Really? To be overrated some people actually have to think you’re good.

Andrew Luck, whose Colts are now in the playoff picture, and who broke the single-game rookie record for passing yards, just gave himself a midterm grade of C. Man, those Stanford professors must have been tough.