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November 19, 2012

Even Oregon and Maryland are thinking… those Pittsburgh throwback uniforms are UGLY.

A question about those Pittsburgh throwback jerseys. Can they throw them back?


-USC’s Matt Barkley is officially out against Notre Dame. Leaving the team in the hands of redshirt freshman Max Wittek. Uh, before everyone concedes the game to the Fighting Irish, they might remember that had Stanford started THEIR redshirt freshman in South Bend, the Cardinal probably would have won.

Got to love it. While some Texans have signed a petition to secede, some in Austin have in turn filed a petition to secede from Texas and remain part of the Union should that happen, stating it is “entirely feasible for Austin to operate as its own state.” Hey, it could work.

How bad have the Philadelphia Eagles looked lately? Forget the NFL playoffs – they don’t look like a team that would be BCS bowl eligible.

Andrew Luck has had a great rookie year, but this might have been the one week where he wishes he had taken advantage of that last year of eligibility at Stanford.

The Oakland Raiders have been outscored 123-34 in the third quarter this year.  Uh,  maybe instead of halftime adjustments the team should spend the time doing something more productive,  like updating their Facebook pages.

Los Angeles Times conservative columnist Charlotte Allen has apparently seriously endorsed Sarah for the 2016 GOP nomination. So who says Democrats never agree with Republican ideas?

Newt Gingrich today said that Mitt Romney’s comment that President Obama won the election by offering “gift” was “nuts.” Well, if anyone knows “nuts”….

Apparently 76ers center Andrew Bynum may have further damaged his knees while bowling. So for other professional athletes signing contracts, will this mean one more added to the list of prohibited dangerous sports?

So after that road upset of Oregon, Stanford moves up in the AP poll from #14 all the way to… #11? Of course there are five SEC teams ahead of them. Shocking.

On the other hand,  Stanford is #8 in the BCS rankings.   Guess it helps to have graduates who can program those computers

Curious sidelight to yesterday’s Pac 12 upset:   So for the second year in a row, ESPN’s Lee Corso got his Oregon-Stanford “College Gameday” pick wrong.

From “Northern Neutral Observer”   (translation,  T.C.  from Canada)   ” A team named after condoms will prevail over a team with a Leprechaun as its mascot.

And from Gary M, about the gun store owner who says he won’t sell to Obama supporters because they aren’t “responsible” enough.  “Like so many, when I think of responsible gun owners, I immediately think of Arizona.”