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February 1, 2016

So guess ‪#‎EvePlumb‬ got through all of ‪#‎GreaseLive‬ without even one round of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia….”

And who knew Fox’s “Grease Live” would be the most entertaining live event of the day.   Okay, maybe with the NHL All-Star game and NFL Pro Bowl they didn’t have much competition.   But it was fun.


So a) how lousy was the Pro Bowl as a game and/or b) how dangerous is football, that what seems like half the NFL turned down a free trip to Hawaii to avoid it?

So considering the number of dropouts, declines and “injured” players, should the MVP for the ‪#‎ProBowl‬ get a participation trophy?

Good news tonight, Feb 1, we’ll finally have actual results in Iowa. Better news, we’ll be only 16 days from pitchers & catchers reporting


Apparently rumors of El Chapo escaping again are just a hoax. So you’re still alive if you have February in the pool.

The NY Times noted this quote from an email sent to Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder that a state nurse told one young mother to not worry when her son’s blood showed an elevated lead level. “It is just a few IQ points. … It is not the end of the world,”
So was the tainted water part of a plot to create more GOP voters?

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Hillary Clinton won’t be Indicted “based on what we know.” I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that phrase sounds similar to Clinton in 2008 saying Barack Obama wasn’t a Muslim “as far as I know.”


Regarding the Clinton email situation it’s good to see how all the people who are up in arms over the potential security risks and want indictments are the same ones who wanted to indict Cheney and others in the Bush administration over Valerie Plame…. Oops, never mind.

Marco Rubio said that Bernie Sanders “is a good candidate for President of Sweden.”. What’s next, him saying Ted Cruz should be President of Canada?

(Sweden is a constitutional monarchy -with a Prime Minister, like Canada.)


For all the fuss about the Iowa caucuses, an interesting side note is that you must be registered with a party to caucus, and there are many independents. So not only is Iowa a relatively small state, the turnout is approximately 15 percent of its registered voters.


Many of the GOP candidates in Iowa have gone to Crossroads Sports in Des Moines for shooting and target practice. If publicity is the goal, wouldn’t it have been more interesting for them to schedule duels?

Todd Weiler, a GOP state senator in Utah, has introduced legislation to declare porn a “public health hazard” and an epidemic. Weiler is comparing naysayers to climate change deniers – “These are scientific facts, just like global warming,”
What a shocking story.. A GOP legislator believes in global warming?


Apparently the NFL was trying to sell suites for the Super Bowl for $500,000 to $1 million, but the remaining suites have fallen in price to about $150,000. Wow. and that’s with all the corporations who buy the suites recouping some of their costs by writing them off as deductions. ‪#‎ourtaxdollarsatwork‬


Ted Cruz, campaigning against Michelle Obama’s healthy eating efforts:
“Let me say something to the school-aged kids here. “If Heidi Cruz becomes the next first lady, French fries are coming back to the cafeteria.’
Because U.S. kids don’t get enough junk food? ‪#‎MakeAmericafatagain‬


Ted Cruz’s campaign in Iowa is sending out mailers saying “ACTION ALERT: VOTER VIOLATION,” “PUBLIC RECORD” and “FURTHER ACTION NEEDED.” With this text “You are receiving this election notice because of low expected voter turnout in your area. Your individual voting history as well as your neighbors’ are public record. Their scores are published below, and many of them will see your score as well. CAUCUS ON MONDAY TO IMPROVE YOUR SCORE and please encourage your neighbors to caucus as well. A follow-up notice may be issued following Monday’s caucuses.”

So Cruz is trying to prove he’s really American because Canadians wouldn’t be that scummy?


You’re the one that I wanted, maybe.. if I could remember.

December 5, 2012

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta have reunited for a Christmas album and are appearing together to talk about “Grease,” which was 34 years ago. Of course, now the song starts “I’ve got chills, aches, a little fever, and did i tell you about my arthritis….?

New York City Mayor Bloomberg reportedly suggested to Hillary Clinton that when she steps down as Secretary of State she should consider running for his job, which of course would allow her to stay close to home for a change. And Bill Clinton is thinking “Michael, what did I ever do to you?”

Penn State is investigating their Chi Omega sorority after they posted an offensive Mexican party photo with members wearing fake mustaches and signs saying things like “Will mow lawn for weed and beer.” Tacky and insensitive for sure, but good to see the university acting fast when it’s something REALLY important


Just a thought, if President Obama really wants to get down and dirty with John Boehner over working out a deal, maybe he should propose a major new surcharge on tanning booths.

While on a hunting trip this year, apparently Robin Yount accidentally hit Cubs manager Dale Sveum with shrapnel from a pellet gun. Gosh, never knew Yount had ambitions to run for vice president.

Apparently irony is not in this man’s dictionary: Grover Norquist on President Obama – “he thinks somebody made him King,” and doesn’t know ‘where he stands in the universe.”


Rex Ryan says he’s sticking with Mark Sanchez. Frustrated New York fans wonder how long the Jets will be sticking with Rex Ryan

Kristin Cavallari is now confessing that most of the arguments and relationship on her former reality show “The Hills” were fake. Wow, next thing we know someone will be questioning the integrity of professional wrestling.


Texting is 20 years old. Hard to imagine. This means in 1992 for college students to set up a booty call, they actually had to call.


The Pope now has a Twitter account. Amazing how the Catholic Church is willing to change and adapt in the 21st century when it comes to technology but not with little things like women priests, celibacy, birth control….

Starbucks announced plans to offer $450 stainless steel gift card.. Wow. That’s enough for at least a dozen lattes.



Cal just hired Louisiana Tech’s Sonny Dykes as their new football coach. And of course I am sure the Stanford band will treat his his coming from Louisiana, and his name with the utmost respect and decorum next year at halftime..