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A tale of two cities

May 23, 2023

The SF Giants are at .500, the SF Giants are at .500!

Meanwhile the Oakland As are 10-40. Shocking those who watched some of the As’ games. How did they ever win 10?

Meanwhile the NBA (and their sponsors and ESPN) would like to thank the Boston Celtics for winning game 4 against the Miami Heat… Means the league doesn’t have an nine day break until the NBA finals start.

Ron Desantis going to announce he is running for President on Twitter with Elon Musk.

Can anyone imagine if a Democrat had made an announcement of a Presidential campaign on a theoretically impartial platform with previous owner Jack Dorsey?

Let’s be real. Governor Ron DeSantis would try to shutter public universities in the state, if he didn’t know Floridians would revolt over the lack of college football,

The Human Rights Campaign, US’s largest LGBTQ+ rights organization joined other civil rights organizations today in issuing a travel advisory for Florida. Soon Florida may have to announce they are a tourist destination for MAGAs only. Good news for tourism in 49 other states.

Casey DeSantis tweeted “America is worth the fight.” Oh please, Mrs. DeSantis. Your husband is focused on a petty fight with a Mouse.

So with Texas putting the 10 Commandments on wall of every public school classroom, when will they ban Donald Trump from state. Thinking…”I did try & f*k her, she was married..I moved on her like a b*tch.” is a pretty much direct violation of “coveting thy neighbor’s wife.”

Hey Floridians, if you have a problem with drag shows, there’s a simple solution. Don’t go to one. You’re welcome.

Not just billionaires who are sacrosanct to GOP. Per CNN, in budget deal Pres. Biden wants to give Medicare more authority to negotiate prescription drug prices. McCarthy says that’s a no-go. So GOP claims to want to help Americans with prices. But not if it hurts Big Pharma.

OTOH, Lauren Boebert claims birth control prices being too high were why she ended up with a third kid. So maybe we see a possible bipartisan prescription drug effort?

Seems likely guy with Nazi flag who rammed White House security barriers and said he wanted to hurt President Biden has mental issues. But so did the guy who called police on HIMSELF outside Brett Kavanaugh’s home.

Fox News headlined the latter for weeks. Crickets on the former.

Has Amy Klobuchar warned Ron DeSantis that he can’t stay virtual forever and before Iowa primaries we’re all going to see how HIS hair does in a blizzard?