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On the brink

May 9, 2023

If Lakers win the series against Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles should send flowers at least to the San Antonio Spurs for letting Lonnie Walker IV go.

And if the Warriors come back no one will remember the game because East Coast media is all focused on the NY Knicks being now on the brink of elimination.

Got confused and thought SF Giants had Monday night off. Looks like their offense, against the lowly Washington Nationals, thought the same thing. (5-1 loss, 0-8 with runners in scoring position, and only run a home run in the 9th)

Oakland A’s Glen Kuiper suspended for carelessly mispronouncing Negro League, for which he apologized. (I’m not disagreeing with the suspension.)

But West Virginia coach Bob Huggins said, and repeated in an interview, a deliberate anti-gay slur against Xaiver – his former in town rival when Huggins coached at Cincinnati Bob has an 863-389 career record and a .689 winning percentage. Let’s see what happens to him.

President Biden and Pete Buttigieg pushing a rule to require airlines to compensate fliers for cancellation and delays. Seems like this would be universally popular. So waiting to see how GOP comes out on the side of travel misery.

I like Biden’s new rules for mandatory compensation for delays except for weather.

Although, as a travel agent I can anticipate one issue: If a delay is caused by multiple factors, and many of them air, the airline will CLAIM weather was main factor. They already do that.

A Russian oligarch is publicly criticizing Putin’s war in Ukraine. So how long until he falls out of a window?

NBC News interviewed resident of Florida’s The Villages who said she & husband decided not to renew Disney World annual passes after CEO’s comments against DeSantis’s “don’t say Gay” law.

Cool, the fewer hateful people, the more Disney will be “Happiest Place on Earth” for rest of us.

Mitch McConnell says he “would’ve love to had” Kyrsten Sinema caucus with Republicans but Sinema says she won’t join GOP. Makes sense, Kyrsten isn’t stupid. How many GOP women Senators do you hear much about? (maybe Susan Collins?) But Sinema has far more power and gets more attention where she is.

So are all these pro-gun Republicans who think they’re going to keep their kids safe by homeschooling them going also now to tell their kids they can’t go to the mall?

And are GOP women going to stop going to fancy outlet malls?

Asking for a tired country.

In the “it’s a start” department, a new bill in Texas advanced by a GOP House committee would raise minimum age to purchase certain semi-automatic rifles.

Works for me.

Could I suggest the minimum age be 99 years old?