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Odds on?

May 5, 2023

76ers coach Doc Rivers brushed off criticism of James Harden for his Las Vegas partying trip during three days off in Philadelphia’s first round playoff series vs Brooklyn.

Well, if Harden keeps playing like he did tonight in today’s loss against Boston, James is less than a week away from being able to spend all the time in Vegas he wants.

New York Yankees payroll , $279,647,478

Tampa Bay Rays payroll, $74,537,681

Tampa Bay just beat NY and are now 10 games ahead of the last place Yankees. No punchline, I just like writing it.

Neera Tanden, President Biden’s new domestic policy advisor, once referred to Mitch McConnell as “Voldemort” and wrote “Vampires have more heart than Ted Cruz.”

No lies detected.

Fox News website didn’t find space to cover… The video of Trump’s E. Jean Carroll deposition Eight fake electors accepting immunity deals. Great US jobs report. Fox did find space for a headline whine about Biden and Harris going to lunch at a DC taqueria. #Priorities

Ron DeSantis, in escalating his feud with Disney “No one should be exempt from rules that everyone else has to follow.” So the Florida Governor is for a SCOTUS code of ethics. Okay then.

Let’s make this clear. Right-wing GOP wants to have more restrictions – including potential body searches, on Americans entering public bathrooms than they want to have on Americans carrying guns.

Wonder what happens when the Proud Boys figure out not only that their cult leader not only won’t save them, but also that he never gave a d*mn about them in the first place.

CNN’s John King talks about both sides sitting down like adults to avoid economic disaster &figure the debt out. Uh, he leaves out that GOP refusing to pay our bills is NOT an adult position to start with. Adults cannot and should not negotiate with toddlers throwing tantrums.

And Terry points out that when I mentioned Kayleigh McEnany and Ted Cruz as Harvard’s potential biggest mistakes that I left out Ron DeSantis. And yes, the Florida Governor is working hard to win that title.