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Getting late early.

May 3, 2023

ESPN headline “Young Jets players in awe of new teammate Aaron Rodgers.”

Wait until Aaron screams at them to get off his lawn.

Not sure what’s more improbable, that the Tampa Bay Rays are the best team in the American League. Or that their closest competitor in the league is the Baltimore Orioles?

How much worse do the Oakland A’s have to look before Las Vegas says, “Never mind, don’t come, we’re holding out for a major league team?”

Seriously, the 1962 Mets lost 120 games. – The A’s are on pace to lose 130.

Turns out Herschel Walker was grifting so brazenly you wonder if he was auditioning to be Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate.

150,000 ride Walt Disney World’s monorail daily. System has had ONE (human error with a switch) fatality since opening 1971.

Ron DeSantis got bill passed to require State Dept of Transportation to start inspecting monorail.

Florida’s king of petty.

Your tax dollars at work

Is it considered a gender discussion in Florida if you refer to Ron DeSantis as a whiny little b*tch? Asking for a friend.

So Cancun Cruz thinks we should have armed guards in all school. Does he think we need armed guards at all offices, bars, parties etc, since mass shootings now are happening everywhere. Police departments can’t even hire enough qualified people. It’s the guns, stupid.

Just saying, since Muskrat is all about attention, positive or negative, would the fastest ever destruction of a company’s reputation and brand be considered enough a win for him that he could sell Twitter and move on?

Media needs to keep reminding Americans of two facts: 1. Using debt ceiling, paying bills for money already spent, as leverage for budget is basically hostage taking move. 2. Complete BS to say Democrats won’t negotiate when GOP won’t even put BILLIONAIRE tax cuts on table.

A new law that Florida Governor Desantis will sign allows state law enforcement officials to conduct random audits of businesses suspected of hiring undocumented workers. Over under on number of white employers who will go to jail over this? I guess you can’t go below zero.

The E. Jean Carroll rape trial, with supporting witnesses testifying, reminds us of a question again…. How many people have to be lying for Donald Trump to be telling the truth?

The debt ceiling is not the budget. The debt ceiling is not the budget. The debt ceiling is not the budget. Why is this so hard for the media to say?

They’d only be in their early 70s now. 53 years ago, May 4, 1970. RIP Allison, Wiliam, Jeffrey, Sandra. #KentState