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Hanging on?

May 11, 2023

Lived in Toronto from 4-6th and then again 8th grade. Know how bad it’s become for Maple Leafs fans when Toronto hangs on to win a 3-0 elimination game, and half -or more, of the social media comments are about it only prolonging the torture.

West Virginia suspended men’s basketball coach Bob Huggins after an especially awful homophobic slur, repeated more than once, in an interview about his former Cincinnati rival,Xavier. And they reduced his salary by $1 million.

If West Virginia is SERIOUS about making a real statement that what their basketball coach said was wrong they would take that $1 million salary reduction and donate it to LGBTQ causes.

Tommy Tuberville, defending his holding up defense nominations over women’s reproductive rights, (NOT, not US taxpayers paying for abortions, but allowing women time off for legal medical procedures that could be banned where they are deployed) has had 30 days off this year.

He has a point. Fine, so Chuck Schumer can you cancel nights and weekends until Tommy stops this stunt. We’ll see how much his GOP colleagues like it.

“Woke” beer is one of the new GOP perceived threats. And just read that Ron DeSantis says he prefers Guinness to Bud Light… Uh, Ron, Guinness was “woke” before “woke” was a thing. “Guinness drops sponsorship of anti-LGBT NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade -March 16, 2014”

Rumors CNN offered Kaitlin Collins, for moderating their Town Hall, the 9p news anchor job.

For CNN???!!!

Quote from Sir Thomas More, who Richard Rich lied to condemn to be named AG of Wales? “Why Richard, it profit a man nothing to give his soul for whole world. but for Wales!”

I get it sadly with places like deep red Alabama, where they voted out a good moderate man in Doug Jones in favor of Tommy Tuberville. But Wisconsin, you elected Tammy Baldwin, how the h*ll did you re-elect Ron Johnson?

Whatever you think of Dianne Feinstein, if she retires, GOP still must APPROVE a replacement on Judiciary mid term. Process is same as for temporary replacement:

And even Mitt : “Romney told CNN even if Feinstein retired, he still doesn’t see GOP helping Dems replace her on Senate Judiciary Committee

First Kevin McCarthy started kowtowing to Donald Trump.

Then Kevin McCarthy starting kowtowing to Marjorie Three Names.

Now Kevin McCarthy is kowtowing to George Santos? How low can you go?