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Dodge ball

May 10, 2023

As a disappointed SF Giants fan, nothing personal against Carlos Correa. (Scott Boras OTOH) But ouch. Correa was booed in Minneapolis, while going 0-5, stranding six runners, and dropping his batting average to .185.

Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make.

Meanwhile, Casey Schmitt made his major league debut at short today in San Francisco. Hit a pitch during his second AB 412 feet. Got a second hit later, and had a potential double just go foul.

First Kevin McCarthy said he wouldn’t expell George Santos or have him resign because he hadn’t been indicted or charged with a crime. Now that Santos has been indicted McCarthy says he hasn’t been convicted.

And if George IS convicted, watch, Kevin will say he won’t expel him until the appeals process is done.

So if you’re a star they let you do it, in New York is Trump no longer a star?

Meanwhile, guess the ketchup-cleaner at Mar-A-Lago is getting overtime pay this week.

Ron DeSantis just got a bill passed requiring Florida teachers who want to be in unions to mail in written checks every month. Yes, the same Ron DeSantis who just got a bill passed to make it harder for Floridians to vote by mail. Make it make sense.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, remember, the same GOP who trusts teachers to be armed, doesn’t trust them to choose books for children.

So tired of GOP claim “America has a spending problem” Not saying we can’t talk about spending and possible cuts…

But Democrats need to keep reminding us: “America has an undertaxed billionaire problem.”

It’s actually pretty simple. If CNN gets millions of outraged people to tune in to watch Trump town hall they will consider it a win. If they have the worst ratings ever they will consider it a mistake. Watch something else. Anything else.

Senate just unanimously passed HR 346 – NOTAM improvement act after Jan ’23 NOTAM system failure brought US domestic flights to temporary halt. Lead sponsor Amy Klobuchar with Shelly Moore Capito, Jerry Moran, Maria Cantwell. Never gets coverage when Senate does something GOOD.

But loved this quote from Senator Klobuchar apparently walking through a crowd of reporters at the end of the day today “you guys have enough news to cover?”