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Oh brother

May 19, 2023

Tyler Rogers replacing his identical twin Taylor Rogers in the eighth inning of an SF Giants game, and then getting the save, is such a great moment on so many levels.

Especially for fans of junkballers.

Meanwhile, the Mets are bringing up catcher Gary Sanchez. And Yankees fans are just giggling.

Miami Heat came back again in Boston to put the Celtics in a 2-0 hole. But when you have 2 leads late in game where ESPN thinks you have over a 93% chance of winning each time, either ESPN needs to adjust their software, or the Celtics need to figure out how to play 4 quarters.

Headline today in Orlando Sentinel about hotels with “stubborn staff shortages.” Well, DeSantis making Florida inhospitable to immigrants (or anyone who looks like an immigrant), LGBTQ community & women of childbearing age. Not that any of those groups work in hotels. #sarcasm

If President Biden invokes the 14th Amendment, Republicans are going to throw a temper tantrum and vow not to cooperate with anything. As opposed to what they are doing now?

GOP is now going after remote work for Federal agencies, and trying to force workers back into the office instead of teleworking. Uh, if we needed proof that showing up isn’t exactly a guarantee of productively, House GOP are mostly showing up in DC and getting nothing done.

Knew Ron and Casey DeSantis were married at Disney World, but a Politico article today adds “It rained on their reception at the Italian pavilion at Epcot.” Wonder if that adds to Ron’s hatred of Disney. How dare they have allowed it to rain on their wedding reception?


Going over.

May 19, 2023

Starry’s first NHL overtime playoff games. She finds it amusing but would prefer the puck were lit up like a laser pointer.

Forget being from Canada. There isn’t a single team left in the NHL playoffs from north of the Mason-Dixon line.

(although almost half the players are Canadian.)

Dodgers canceled Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who feature drag nuns, from Pride Night in LA, after some complaints including from FL’s Marco Rubio. Sisters have been around since 1979. Uh, that’s almost 10 years before LA won their last (non-COVID short season) World Series!

Why isn’t media talking about the fact that an octogenarian Senator was moved aside for a younger senator to be chair/ranking member on Senate Judiciary committee? Oh, right, they are talking about Feinstein. My bad, I meant Chuck Grassley who was pushed aside for Lindsey Graham.

And has a single member of media asked if Mitch McConnell, 81, is getting regular physical and cognitive tests, after he had a serious fall last year that included a concussion? And what about Chuck Grassley, who will be 90 in September? I’ll wait.

GOP Sen. Pete Ricketts quotes Chuck Grassley attacking Biden nominee Nancy Abudu as “One of the most activist judicial nominees we have ever seen.”

But GOP has no problem with activist SCOTUS judges overturning decades of settled law. Make it make sense.

As US governmen, on a somewhat bipartisan bases but led by GOP wants to or ban Tik Tok, look, I do understand the worry that Chinese-owned TikTok might use data to create misinformation campaigns for US elections.

So how is that different from what Muskrat may be doing with Twitter?

OK Sen. James Lankford gives long speech on “Federal Fumbles,” -where Federal Govt spends taxpayer money on things that sound silly. Fair enough.

Would Lankford also like to list some of the things American billionaires spend money on that they got with GOP/Trump tax cuts?

Subtle but important point: Yes, if Feinstein resigns Newsom can appoint replacement. But GOP do NOT have to let Dems appoint anyone to replace her on Judiciary Committee, where Dems have 1 vote advantage.. Which would mean some Biden nominees would never get to Senate floor.

With GOP debt ceiling hostage crisis Chuck Schumer now says members “should remain aware & be able to return to Senate within a 24 hour period to fulfill our responsibilities to avoid default.”

If any Republican Senators end up having Memorial Day plans wrecked hope they thank Kevin McCarthy

Disney has now canceled a $2 billion campus they were planning to build in Florida, expected to bring more than 2,000 jobs in digital technology, finance and product development. Mostly in the six figure range. They cited “changing business conditions.”

We are in the FAFO stage of this Ron vs the Mouse saga.