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Spare change

May 31, 2020

Washington Nationals owner Ted Lerner, is the richest man in Maryland, worth $5.2 billion. .The team decided to begin cutting minor-league weekly stipends from $400 to $300.
Closer Sean Doolittle & rest of team are together going to chip in to make up the difference.
When pandemic is over can Lerner sell the team so America can come together to root for the Nats?

But let’s see, six minor league affiliates for Nats….. 25 on a team, about 150 players.  $15,000 a week….  Lerner could spend $15,000 a day for over 10,000 years and not spend all his money.


Emmanuel Macron joined Angela Merkel in declining Trump’s G-7 invite for this year.

Is there any way America can post this sign for the world? – “Under renovation- reopening under new management January 20, 2021.”

Trump tweets “Crossing State lines to incite violence is a FEDERAL CRIME!”
So how many crimes can we charge Donald with over his hate rallies?

Meanwhile, the same “President” who says he would run unarmed into a school to face a shooter now is covering in his underground bunker because only several hundred Secret Service and police are between him and unarmed protesters?
Seems very on brand

Jane Fonda showed up on CNN dressed all in black with a black beret to speak up against racism, and apparently some (mostly younger) folks didn’t get it.

Just saying,  anyone mocking Jane Fonda for suddenly speaking out needs to spend some time tonight with Mr. Google.



Okay, we all know that Marco Rubio regularly does the male Susan Collins version of being very troubled. But if you don’t think he hit a nerve,  take my word for it, Repubican FURY on Twitter over this post: “Various domestic terror groups on BOTH far left & right are instigating & committing acts of violence & looting. They are stealing the focus away from the murder of Mr. Floyd & the legitimate problems it revealed.”

Remember this Trump tweet about protesters “The governor of Michigan should give a little, and put out the fire. These are very good people, but they are angry. See them, talk to them, make a deal.” May 1, 2020 Yeah, this aged well.


May 31, 2020

Hard to believe, but if COVID-19 hadn’t happened, we’d still be about a week away from first game – June 4- of the NBA finals.

Meanwhile, 156 days until November 3, the Presidential Election.  Remember those days as a kid when you wished you could open advent calendar windows early to get to Christmas sooner?  Yeah, it’s like that.


I’m so old I remember when the only story on the news was the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re still in a COVID-19 pandemic. Even if police don’t shoot anyone, can’t help but watching these protest crowds and thinking sadly that people are going to die from them.


Anyone but me trying to imagine what these protests and riots would be like if we still had a President

Missing Obama.

Meanwhile the same POTUS who claims he knows everything about everything claims he didn’t know the racist origins of the phrase “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” The correct response to that might get me kicked off social media.

Can’t help but think that Trump is absolutely livid over the death of George Floyd. Mostly because he can’t blame it on China.

Trump tweeted “The National Guard has been released in Minneapolis to do the job that the Democrat Mayor couldn’t do. Should have been used 2 days ago & there would not have been damage. Police Headquarters would not have been taken over & ruined.”
More like, if we elected a President 3 1/2 years ago there would not have been riots.. Our democracy would not have been taken over and ruined.

SCOTUS voted 5-4 to allow Gov. Gavin Newsom to keep restrictions against allowing churches to open. Judge Roberts said “choosing when to lift restrictions during a pandemic is the business of elected officials, not unelected judges.” Trump attacks on Judge Roberts in 3.2.1…

Clerk called cops on George Floyd for allegedly paying with a counterfeit $20 bill. Most of us white folks could try to pay with $3 dollar bills and clerk might only wonder what drawer in which to put them.

Remember all those mostly funny “We survived Clinton you’ll survive Bush,” and then “We survived Bush you’ll survive Obama” t-shirts and memes? Sadly, not so sure the current GOP version “We survived Obama you’ll survive Trump” is actually working…

The longest week…. until next week

May 29, 2020

A Texas bar has a rule “No mask allowed.” Well, assume this will also apply to patrons’ funerals.

Trump claims that in California “that kids go & they raid mailboxes & they hand them to people that are signing ballots.” I’m California voter. My husband scrawled signature on ballot few years ago, got RETURNED to him because signatures didn’t match. He had to redo it. Period.


Plagiarizers of a feather. We all remember Melania with Michelle Obama. Tonight Donald “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Wasn’t a great line the first time, when uttered by Miami police chief Walter Headley in 1967.

Let us be very very clear. Trump does not care about the life of George Floyd The only life he cares about is his own.

Trump still on his #VoteByMail rant. “Our election process will become badly tainted & a laughingstock all over the World. ” Uh, fixed it for him “Our Presidency has become badly tainted & a laughingstock all over the World.”

Forget no criticism of armed protesters: Trump never even referred to the killer of #HeatherHeyer as a “thug.”


I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a man who refuses to give his DNA in a rape case doesn’t want his facts checked on Twitter either.

Amazing, White House tweeting that Trump “just took executive action to fight online censorship by tech corporations, including social media platforms.” Twitter censored nothing Donald tweeted. They simply offered a fact check. . So facts now official have a liberal bias?


I challenge any GOP Senator to take a quick scroll through Trump’s twitter feed Thursday  morning and tell me POTUS is a sane man. (sadly this may become an evergreen tweet.)

And I’m writing this and going to bed a couple hours before Donald will wake up and see that Twitter flagged his tweet about looting and shooting as “inciting violence.”

Serious closing items:

A story last night indicated that Amy Klobuchar, while  Hennepin County DA, had let the cop who killed George Floyd off the hook for shooting a man in 2006. Since I am an Amy fan this was disturbing but story seemed a bit off.  A little research found the case was a domestic violence, with someone  (allegedly) who had stabbed their girlfriend and friend, threatened to shot them, and then pointed, and refused to drop,  a shotgun at six cops, who all opened fire, killing the suspect.  But the date was October 29, 2006. To non-political junkies, that was 9 days before Klobuchar was elected to the Senate.  And no way a prosecution happens that fast, especially in a case that seemed a lot like “suicide by cop.”

Today many news sites went with the story simply that she had let Floyd’s killer off the hook, often tying it to “well, so much for VP chances,” and some making it sound like she should resign, and I tried to point out the issues when I could.

Tonight, the DA’s office issued this statement,- “Hennepin County Grand Jury returned no-bill in death of Wayne Reyes on Oct. 25, 2007. All prosecutorial decisions were made under the direction of Mike Freeman.” Amy joined Senate January 20, 2007

Facts matter.  Let’s see how many retractions happen Friday.

On their feet screaming

May 27, 2020


MAGAs and some conservatives clutching their pearls over Donna Brazile saying “Jesus Chr*st” on air while US death toll tops 100,000 is all you need to know about Trump’s base.
Seriously, guessing Jay Cutler with the Bears had probably millions of Chicago fans screaming “Jesus Chr*st” on a regular basis every Sunday.
Dodger Stadium has now opened as the largest coronavirus testing facility in state of California, and apparently can check up to 6,000 people daily.   Of course it could probably check more if people would start showing up sooner than an hour after scheduled start time.
Mitt Romney tweeted “I  know Joe Scarborough. Joe is a friend of mine. I don’t know T.J. Klausutis. Joe can weather vile, baseless accusations but T.J.? His heart is breaking. Enough already.”
Which Republican wants to stand up for decency and to be brave enough to join Mitt Romney in this statement? I’m waiting.
Department of Homeland Security says Trump has built just three miles of new border wall where no barrier existed before. Three miles?! Seriously? Jimmy Carter gets more done in a weekend with Habitat for Humanity!
As DOJ continues to investigate Richard Burr for insider trading, Kelly Loeffler, who seems as least as guilty, looks like she’ll get off scot-free.
I’m sure the fact Richard Burr’s Intelligence Committee came up with a report saying Russia interfered in the 2016 election, along with the fact that that Loeffler’s husband donated $1 million to Trump’s re-election, had NOTHING to do with it.
Now there’s going to be a tough decision for Trump: NASA / SpaceEx launch pushed off until Saturday. So will it be another expensive photo op? Or a golf game?
A real President who’d traveled to Florida for the SpaceX launch would be tweeting that the NASA delay was disappointing but safety always comes first. Of course a real President who cared about safety would be wearing a mask.
And if you think he’s bad on Twitter, this is Trump fundraising email “There is NO WAY that universal mail-in ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent. Mailboxes will be robbed, ballots will be illegally printed out and forged, and the Election will be RIGGED.”
(so is donald sharing the GOP plan out loud?)
Got an idea for DonaldTrump  Why bother signing a toothless Executive Order because you’re unhappy with Twitter? Just put Jared in charge of creating an alternate social media platform and delete your Twitter account?
Problem solved.
Just wondering… If Trump came up with his own social media site to compete with Twitter, what would he call it?

Missed it by that much…

May 27, 2020
The NHL hopes to abandon the rest of the regular season and go straight into the playoffs with 24 teams –
So the 29-36 San Jose Sharks came about 3 games short of making the postseason.

Reports indicate two horses trained by Bob Baffert tested  positive for a banned substance in Arkansas earlier this month according to multiple reports. Well,  at least  horses can’t complain to the media it was a “tainted supplement.”

Asked again about his Breakfast Club attempted quip, Joe Biden said “I shouldn’t have been a wise guy. It was a mistake. When I make a comment that is offensive to some people I SHOULD apologize.” I miss having a President.

Asked about Trump and his insults, Joe Biden gets commended for understatement “looks like’s he’s having trouble controlling his own emotions.”


Kayleigh McEnany says it’s “peculiar” that Joe Biden wears a mask to a memorial, but not with Jill at home.   Guess Press Secretary Barbie doesn’t realize that people who are staying at home don’t need to be wearing masks with the people they are staying at home with? Or is it once again the question, “stupid or evil?”

CNN has a headline “Why won’t some people wear masks?” And there’s one simple answer for many Americans. Dear Leader acts like they are not necessary. Trump’s ego is killing people. Literally.

Don’t get me wrong… Richard Burr sure seems guilty of insider trading, but from outside Kelly Loeffler seems even more guilty. Except Burr dared cross Trump by apparently coming up w/ impartial report on Russian interference in 2016 election. This is how banana republics work.

Watching that video made me sick, and made me want to throw those Minneapolis cops in prison & throw away the key. And yes, it’s not fair the cops will get more justice than George Floyd got. But IMHO we don’t need vigilantism, we need to make sure prosecutors win this case.

Our Cheeto-In Chief is not amused “Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!” Fine. Show them what you think. Delete your account.


May 26, 2020

Tom Brady with Phil Mickelson lost to Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning in a charity match play yesterday.  And Saints coach Sean Payton weighed in…“I’m liking this Florida @TomBrady right now,” Payton said in a tweet.

Good to know social distance doesn’t stop snark.


Included in Trump’s rants this weekend is that he played golf “for the first time in almost 3 months.” Uh, he played March 8. Then again May 23. That’s 2 1/2 months Such a trivial detail, and yet, no lie too small.

Seeing so many crowd scenes from the weekend of people close together and not wearing masks. Do they realize the point of Memorial Day is to honor the dead, not to try to join them?


Donald Trump in an interview today said of his former attorney general Jeff Sessions that he was not “mentally qualified” for the job. Well, Sessions WAS the first US Senator in 2016 to endorse Trump.


We are 3 months away from Republican National Convention & Trump wants guarantees on being able to operate at “full attendance” in North Carolina.

Uh for comparison purposes… about 3 months ago in late February Trump proclaimed “Because of all we’ve done, the risk to American people remains very low.”

Meanwhile, this headline from Fox News, no joke. “Shootings, MAGA boat parades mark start to Memorial Day as US adapts to post-pandemic culture.” We. are. not. in.”POST-PANDEMIC” culture. Would be funny if State TV wasn’t going to get innocent front-line workers killed.

Yeah, President Obama wore a tan suit in the White House. You know what he’d also be wearing in the White House now? A mask.

So as Donald Trump spars with North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper over being able to have “full attendance” at August’s RNC conference scheduled for Atlanta, how long until GOP debuts their new slogan?
“People Are Dying To Re-Elect Trump.”

Sociopath-In-Chief accuses his political opponents of being criminals & murderers, & golfs on Memorial Day weekend while hawking Trump-Pence mugs to honor dead. Yeah, Joe Biden said it wrong. Joe should’ve said, “if you have problem figuring out who you’re for, you ain’t human.

Trump finally tweets out some well-wishes during pandemic and it’s to Allen West, former Florida Rep running for Texas Republican Chair, who was injured in motorcycle crash returning from “Free Texas Rally,” a protest against COVID-19 lockdowns. You cannot make this “stuff” up.

Running the numbers.

May 24, 2020

NHL considering a modified postseason where 24 of 31 teams make the playoffs.

And as a casual observer I wonder, this differentiates from standard operating procedure how?

Meanwhile today Eli Manning  joins Twitter, gets into some very white trash talk with Tom Brady.  And how much am I nostalgic for a world in which that was today’s biggest controversy on social media.

Random question.  If churches are essential what was the point of all those bedtime prayers we learned as children?

Chief Justice Roberts told his son’s high school graduating class that COVID-19 pandemic should teach “humility and compassion.” Now can he say the same to Trump?

Joe Biden said he was trying to be a “wise guy’ and apologized. Donald Trump still can’t admit the Spanish Flu pandemic was in 1918, not 1917.


Amazing how many people who defended the rights of businesses to choose not to make wedding cakes for gay couples, are furious when other businesses choose to tell customers to wear masks to save lives.


Jeff Sessions was the very first Senator to endorse Trump. Today in a tweet storm Donald attacks him and tells him to drop out of the Alabama Senate race. Again, reminder to Trump GOP loyality lapdogs in the Senate, there is no “immunity passport.” – #ETTD

Trump is demanding, even in COVID-19 hotspots, that churches must be allowed to reopen. Back in college, my studies focused on Tudor England, when your religion and how you prayed could get you killed. Kind of thought in USA we’d moved beyond that.


Not a joke, the President of the United States is accusing TV host of murder, & sending out Fundraising email headlined “HILLARY CLINTON  – Shouldn’t she be in jail?” Meanwhile Democrats obsess about our candidate making a stupid joke. Why we can’t have nice things.

Conventional wisdom: Biden said stupid thing, apologized, but needs to make up for it by picking VP of color. Dissenting opinion: Joe, always gaffe-prone, is 78. He won primary but reminded us his best VP is a younger version of himself. Yes, I DO think that’s Amy Klobuchar.

Just thinking, if you’re more upset by Joe Biden’s “you ain’t black” gaffe, than you are about White House using OANN plant to ask Kayleigh McEnany if Trump will pardon President Obama, you might want to rethink your priorities.

In all seriousness, one of the things I truly love about Joe Biden is the man’s ability to say “I made a mistake.”

There’s a man who KNOWS Joe Biden isn’t racist. There’s a man who I supported, still do, with all my heart and hope he speaks out now. That man is Barack Obama.


Are we ready for some not football?

May 21, 2020

Alabama football coach Nick Saban did a PSA where he scolded the Crimson Tide’s mascot for not wearing a mask.

Good start Nick, now do Trump.

According to ESPN report,  canceling the college football season would result in a $4 billion loss for college athletic programs across the country.

Wonder how much it would cost ESPN.

Lori Loughlin and her husband, who’ve been expensively tying up court resources for over a year, decided to plead guilty to bribing their daughters’ way into USC.   She’s getting two months in jail.   He’s getting five months, During a time when most prisoners are getting let out early for Coronavirus.

“Siri, what is white privilege.”


Got an ad from Bloomingdale’s to rent unlimited designer clothing for $99 a month. “Wow, that’s high on my list right now” said…nobody?


WTAF? Now Trump campaign is offering “a chance to get your very own limited-edition Commemorative Trump-Reagan Coin Set.”
Uh, Ronald Reagan would be “horrified” and “heartbroken” by Trump’s America – Patti Davis.
My father “would have been embarrassed and ashamed’ of Trump. -Ron Reagan.
What do they know?

As Trump starts up again with baseless allegations of voter fraud, it’s not too soon for principled Republicans (remember those?) to stand up and say they will absolutely respect and honor election results on November 3.

It’s not just respect. Trump supporters idolize him and follow his lead. If he wore a mask, more of them would start wearing masks. And lives would be saved. Many thousands of lives.

Trump on not wearing a mask – “I didn’t want to give the Press the pleasure of seeing it.” So literally being willing to kill people to spite the Press. Got it. 

Are we really surprised that a man who refused to wear a condom with his mistresses won’t wear a mask now?

So how much of Trump’s recent rage is caused by the realization we’re going to hit 100,000 COVID-19 deaths by Memorial Day and it’s going to interfere with his bragging?

As Joe Biden vets Amy Klobuchar as a possible running mate remember one thing: Joe is trying to win the Presidency. He’s not trying to win Twitter.

In all seriousness, as big of a Klobuchar fan as I’ve become, at this point if it really takes Biden’s running mate choice to convince you to vote for Joe over the Cheeto In Chief, you might want to reconsider your priorities.

Ring things.

May 20, 2020
Washington Nationals announced they’ll unveil their 2019 World Series rings in virtual event on Sunday. Bad news – fans & players won’t get the full celebration experience. Good news, the team won’t have to deal with event overshadowed by DC fans booing Trump.
If NBA playoffs happen,, Orlando and Disney World are considered frontrunner to host the games. All the way to  a potential championship.
Such a deal would probably exclude future games involving the Knicks.  A shame, because few teams better exemplify the term “Mickey Mouse organization.”

Amy Klobuchar is leading an effort by Senator Democrats to get antitrust regulators to scrutinize Uber’s potential deal for Grubhub.

Think this doesn’t matter?  Ever been stuck in the rain or on a busy Friday night trying to get a ride?  Imagine surge pricing for any weekend or prime time dinner order? And heaven help you if you order during say, the Super Bowl.


On a lighter note….last night a Twitter friend asked for suggestions for Joe Biden campaign song. Still have an idea going through my head – How about “Here Comes The Sun?” – “the smile’s returning to their faces.. it seems like years since it’s been here….”

How long until Trump conspiracy theorists attack Joe Biden  for doing something terrible like talking on his phone in Amtrak’s “quiet car?”

I’m so old I remember when we had a coronavirus task force.

Since Tara Reade keeps changing story, first changing it to say she wasn’t wearing pantyhose (unlikely, they were part of dress code, and you could get sent home for bare legs) , and  now claiming she wore crotchless panties, I  did a bit of research to see if they were even sold in DC. Now getting online ads for Frederick’s of Hollywood. Sigh.

Yeah, I know VP race is the only interest many in the media have in the Biden campaign, but maybe they’re stretching just a bit for material? This from a USA Today article on if Joe should pick a woman of color: “Klobuchar, Whitmer and Warren all are white.” Gosh, who knew?

Meanwhile, while Trump attacks Michigan and Nevada, when will he cut off funding to Colorado and Utah, which have the option for 100% of their residents to vote by mail?

So has everyone without a gun today had time to check on their potatoes?


Lost in today’s craziness, Trump is considering holding the G-7 IN PERSON, at Camp David, NEXT MONTH. Uh, for starters, just thinking leaders of other countries know if they travel, it won’t be to a COVID-19 hotspot like the US.

Short cuts?

May 20, 2020

Wait…the 2020 Belmont Stakes on June 20 is now going to be a 1 1/8 mile race, instead of 1 1/2 miles?!!!
As long as no one even THINKS of touching Secretariat’s 1973 race record.

Apparently the Sears Tower in Chicago lost power tonight. How I miss the chance to have made a Cubs joke.

From Marc Ragovin “A South Korean soccer league team has apologized for planting sex dolls throughout the stands to make the stadium appear fuller. Man, talk about inflating attendance figures.”

Happy Birthday Pete Townshend. Pete is now 75??!! So now it’s “Who Are You… and where did I put my keys?”

Very confused now. So Trump says Virginians need 2nd Amendment to guard their potatoes. From who? Grizzly bears?

“Cover me Bob, I’m going in for Russets.”



Nonpolitical question. As many online ads as I still get for places like Sephora etc, why has no cosmetic company come out with “mask-proof lipstick?


Kevin McCarthy today criticized Nancy Pelosi for talking about Trump’s weight. “I would not as Speaker use those terms.” Gosh, must have missed McCarthy’s comments about a POTUS calling political opponents “Crooked” “Liddle” “Shifty” “Cheatin'” “Sleepy” “Loser” “Crazy,” etc.

USA Today Headline “Trump goes with his ‘gut,’ outside advice on decision to medicate with hydroxychloroquine.” “Goes with his gut?” Must. Not. Make. Morbidly. Obese. Jokes.

So let me see if I have this straight, many Americans seem more concerned about if Nancy Pelosi fatshamed Trump than if the US was illegally selling arms to the Saudis.

Despite Georgia being CAUGHT publishing misleading data on COVID-19, Gov. Brian Kemp maintains state’s cases are going down – “It’s really not a big issue. People trust the data. I certainly do.” Right, same as we should trust Kemp’s purging more than 1/2 million voters in 2016?



Tonight was the Oregon primary.  Joe Biden got over 70% of the vote, while Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, both still on the ballot, got 18% and 9% respectively.

Now while Joe Biden IS going to be the Democratic nominee I do understand  the desire to vote for Sanders or another candidate who’s dropped out to make a statement in remaining primaries. Just please get it out of your system before Nov. 3. Because then it’s Biden or Trump. Period. 

Media really missing something by ignoring Joe Biden virtual town hall. Seriously. What does it take, would Joe have to pretend he’s taking some crazy drug, or come up with a catchy insult? We should be better than this.

Yeah, I am talking to you CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, Fox News.

A new season?

May 19, 2020

NFL Players Associate reported they are testing prototypes of modified facemasks that might contain surgical or N95 material.

The masks might even be used this year to protect players from COVID-19. Not that Tom Brady will need one. No defensive player can get within 3 feet of him without risking a penalty.

COVID-19 issues mean Raiders new stadium in Las Vegas isn’t finished yet. But hey, if If NFL teams want to open the season in stadiums without fans, well, there is an available empty stadium in Oakland.

So Chuck E Cheese, whose restaurants are closed during pandemic, decided to change their name on Grubhub apps to Pasqually’s Pizza. I smell a rat.

All of these pictures of “reopen” protestors and people packing gyms are going to be very useful when we need to do COVID-19 contact tracing in a couple weeks.

Trump’s campaign is launching a new website “Truth Over Facts.” Who wants to tell him?

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been named the acting chair of the Intelligence Committee. Is this the first time on Twitter that “Florida” and “Intelligence” have regularly appeared in the same sentence?

Texas Governor Abbott posted then deleted a tweet indicating that Texas and Florida had lower “morality” rates than California and New York. Well, he said it

So what’s a higher number in Trump White House… The number of IGs & others Donald says he doesn’t know but chooses to fire? Or the number of women he says he doesn’t know and wouldn’t have chosen to sexually assault?

Of course we know “He’s Lying.” Dr. House was right “It’s a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what.” So what is Donald Trump lying about now? Or rather, what is he hoping we won’t notice while we’re focused on his latest lie?

So who had “Trump taking hydroxychloroquine” on this week’s insanity bingo card?


So if Trump wants to prove he is not “Morbidly Obese” he can simply step on a scale in front of reporters.
Just saying.


Trump tonight tweeted “Fox News is no longer the same. We miss the great Roger Ailes. You have more anti-Trump people, by far, than ever before. Looking for a new outlet!”
As if all America didn’t already know Trump was cheating on Fox News with OANN.

Round and round we go.

May 17, 2020

Tonight’s Sunday Night Baseball game was scheduled to be the first of the year featuring Houston Astros.
And just over a couple months ago most worrisome thing for many baseball fans was if Astros’ cheating scandal might have overshadowed the actual game?

Okay, I’m really desperately missing sports. But don’t think even COVID-19 will turn me into a serious NASCAR fan.


Trump today about sports “We want to be back to normal where you have the big crowds and they are practically standing on top of each other and enjoying themselves, not where they are worried.” So would he like to start by trying this with a vanity rally?

How many married couples are realizing as they promised “for better for worse,” they weren’t thinking of “for 24-7?”

#NotTheOnion. Now Trump fundraising email “For first time EVER, we have launched Official Trump Coloring Books. They are already FLYING off the shelves…” Flying? Like Space Force? And are Sharpies included?

Remember Trump’s “I like the numbers being where they are” with the Grand Princess?. By claiming “testing is overrated” and trying to undercount deaths, Donald is treating America like he did that cruise ship.

Why does anyone think the man who will go to the Supreme Court to avoid releasing his financial statements or tax returns won’t stop at nothing to hide COVID-19 death counts?

Breathalyzer tests aren’t perfect either. So by Trump standards should we stop using them and start claiming DUI numbers are down?

Trump claims of Dr. Rick Bright “I don’t know this guy, never met him, but don’t like what I see.”
Uh, is Donald so confused now he can’t remember if Bright is accusing him of malfeasance, or sexual assault?

New Zealand  Herald on Donald Trump’s statement “If we didn’t do any testing we would have very few cases.”

“This is a stupid statement. Not “controversial, bizarre” or “unconventional” or any other words we use to sanitize absurd things that come out of Mr. Trump’s mouth.. It is just pure, weapons-grade stupid.”

The sounds of silence.

May 17, 2020

If MLB comes back this year, not only will tobacco and spitting be banned (good), but also chewing sunflower seeds will be prohibited.
Speaking as a former baseball mom, was there any reason other than baseball to chew sunflower seeds?

NASCAR starting up tomorrow without fans. Well, at least the cars are loud enough there won’t be drivers complaining about not being able to hear the cheers.


So trivial in the grand scheme of things with almost 90,000 people dead. But it still makes me sad, in May, to see pictures of empty baseball stadiums.

As Italy plans to open for incoming international travel June 3, how long until they, and other countries, institute a US travel ban?

Justin Amash has decided he is not running for President. Thereby bitterly disappointing both his supporters

Let’s be honest. If Trump were asked to speak to high school graduates tonight Donald’s speech would have been 80% bragging about he should have been valedictorian and 20% blaming Obama for why he wasn’t.

Mitt Romney tonight tweeted “The firings of multiple Inspectors General is unprecedented; doing so without good cause chills the independence essential to their purpose. It is a threat to accountable democracy and a fissure in the constitutional balance of power.”

It’s a start.  Then Susan Collins tweeted. “In 2008, I coauthored with former Sens. McCaskill and Lieberman The Inspector General Reform Act (P.L. 110-40), which among other provisions requires the President to notify Congress 30 days prior to the removal of an Inspector General along with the reasons for the removal. The President has not provided the kind of justification for the removal of IG Linick required by this law.”

Beginning to have new appreciation for Charlie Brown & his dreams of kicking that football: Susan Collins has a bipartisan past. Some part of me keeps hoping THIS will be time w/Trump Susan will be more than “very troubled.”


In North Carolina, a judge just issued a provisional restraining order allowing religious groups to assemble for services inside for next 2 weeks. Fine. Can those church attendees also commit to staying inside and praying the coronavirus away?

WTAF? This is a Trump fundraising email from Saturday  “Barack Obama will forever be remembered as the disgraced former President who used federal law enforcement in an attempt to hurt his political opponents.”

Who wants to tell him?

Plenty of space.

May 16, 2020

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis criticized Gavin Newsom for not allowing sports in California & invited sports teams from states have  Stay At Home orders to operate in Florida during coronavirus pandemic. Can someone tell DeSantis not all teams have socially distanced fans like Rays & Marlins?

After Green Bay traded up to draft QB Jordan Love,  Aaron Rodgers now says it “may not be a reality” for him to retire as a Packer.

“The first time’s the hardest,” said Brett Favre.

Looking at some of these pictures of Wisconsin bars and thinking, uh, never thought it was supposed to be literal to say “I’m dying for a drink,”

Looking at the Camp David attendance list for the weekend Kevin McCarthy , Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz, Dan Crenshaw, Jim Jordan, Elise Stefanik, Lee Zeldin. And suddenly the worst Boy Scout or Girl Guide/Scout camps we ever had don’t seem so bad by comparison.

As Trump brags about his new “Operation Warp Speed,” someone has told him that Star Trek was pure science FICTION?

Just thinking. If and when scientists have a breakthrough, will it be like tests? “Everyone who wants a vaccine can get a vaccine?”

So let’s see, Trump is now simultaneously blaming and attacking… China, Obama, Biden, and the media. If you ever wondered where the expression came from -“Throw sh*t against the wall and see what sticks.”

Trump says all 25+ women who are accusing him of sexual assault are lying. E. Jean Carroll’s lawyer want a DNA sample. An innocent man could give the sample, prove she is lying, and taint others with the same brush…. An innocent man would do that.


Whatever else you want to say about Trump’s new habit of firing people late on Friday night, A man who values ratings about all else never does ANYTHING he’s proud of late on Friday night.

Remember when it would be almost midnight on a Friday night in DC and the biggest stress Obama might cause anyone was street closures etc, if he went out to dinner with Michelle?

The late Trump tweet rants continue. But hey, you know what President Biden will be tweeting regularly at 1a on weekend nights? Nothing. And we’ll all be sleeping better. 

Florida men.

May 15, 2020

And NFL players haven’t missed a paycheck yet…

In Florida, arrest warrants have been issued in South Florida for NY Giants CB DeAndre Baker and Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar in connection to an armed robbery investigation. ESPN reports  the two were charged with stealing money and watches while armed with semi-automatic firearms.

I don’t just miss sports, I miss times when this would be the biggest story of the day.

Got it. Trump strategy about COVID-19 losses is just to pretend they haven’t happened. So if baseball season ever gets started can we SF Giants fans just declare any game that doesn’t result in a win hasn’t happened either?

Mall of America will reopen June 1. Do they have a coffin store?

Seems likely Senator Richard Burr is guilty of insider trading. But Barr signed FBI warrant only after Burr’s intelligence committee said Russia interfered in 2016 committee. T.S. Eliot was right- “The last temptation is the greatest treason, to do the right thing, for the wrong reason.”


Ivanka Trump today said her dad “is tested on a daily basis – all those who come into contact with him are tested on a daily basis.” Wait, I thought “testing is overrated?”

And uh, do Trump and Pence know that a daily COVID-19 test keeps you from getting coronavirus about as well as a daily pregnancy test keeps keeps you from getting pregnant?

Kirsten Gillibrand was never close to my first choice in Democratic primary. But retroactive bonus points for this prescient statement in an early debate: July 31, 2019, “The first thing I’m going to do when I’m President will be to Clorox The Oval Office”

Mar-A-Lago to partially reopen this weekend. Already hot and humid in Miami, so why? 1. Trump doesn’t want to refund dues? 2. Reopening gives Donald some excuse not to have his workers claim unemployment? 3. Trump can’t pretend he lives there if it stays closed? 4. All of above.

Trump attacking Obama and Biden today “It was the greatest political crime in the history of our country.” Once again, Freud NAILS projection.


Trump tonight referred to his supporters as “Keyboard Warriors.”  Guess no one had him look up the definition

From Urban Dictionary –  “Person who, being unable to express anger through physical violence (owning to their physical weakness, lack of bravery & conviction in real life), instead manifests said emotions through text-based medium of internet”

Even ” Keyboard warrior”  – a person who makes abusive or aggressive posts on the Internet, typically one who conceals their true identity.

Name the teams without a scorecard?

May 14, 2020

As the league begins to talk about playoffs.  Does anyone still remember who was leading the NBA 2019-2020 season?

Meanwhile, the NFL considering a season with piped in crowd noise.  So what happens in Foxboro, where last year on several occasions Patriots fans booed. And that was before Tom Brady left.


Years from now will we ever have a better single name answer to “Define white male privilege?” than “Jared Kushner.”


Trump heading to Pennsylvania Thursday and another photo-op at a PPE factory. Will White House announce exactly how many workers and others Donald plans to put at risk this trip, especially by not wearing a mask.

#WTAF -got a “Trump 100” invitation?   Me.   “I’m pleased to present you w/ invitation to join Trump 100 Club. I’ve only selected 100 Patriots in the entire Nation to join this prestigious club & YOU are one of them.” So either Trump can’t count, or his fundraisers are REALLY stupid.

Trump latest blame game focused on China. Whatever happened to the “We had great chemistry. I mean, we understand each other…” with President Xi? And that “beautiful chocolate cake?” Donald deals with some of these world leaders like he used to be married to them.

Today Supreme Court of Wisconsin issued a 4-3 ruling that strikes down the state’s stay-at-home order. So they are saying for Wisconsin residents, including women,  it’s their health and their choice?

So why is #SubpoenaObama trending? GOP thinks they’ll be able to convict him of spilling Dijon mustard on his tan suits?

Okay then, GOP and presumably Trump want to “Subpoena Obama.”  Has it occurred to Donald how starved Americans are for leadership? Or how nostalgic millions of us are feeling? Televise hearings with Barack Obama and we’ll show you real RATINGS!


Trying to figure why I am so completely disgusted with both Steve Scalise and Rand Paul, who have taken their second chance at life and become bigger a**holes.”

Maybe it stems from this: In 1979 a white man in a wheelchair entered Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery and said “I’ve learned what suffering means in a way that was impossible. I think I can understand something of the pain that black people have come to endure. I know I contributed to that pain and I can only ask for your forgiveness.” The man was George Wallace.


May 13, 2020

Governor Greg Ducey says professional Sports can resume Saturday in Arizona.

Would the 26-39 Phoenix Suns qualify?

You know the new normal has changed, when you get ESPN sports updates on your phone… from the KBO (Korean Baseball.)

Btw, the NC Dinos beat the KT Wiz. And I have no idea who either of those teams are.



#WomenForTrump was trending Tuesday night on Twitter.

 How to say this gently without being suspended on social mediar?

“Women For Trump” IMHO, is like “F*cking for Virginity.”

Washington Post reporting that Mexico border town of Nogales is spraying all travelers crossing from US with a sanitation solution as a precaution against the virus.. Who needs a wall when Trump’s inaction has allowed America to become literally toxic?

Don’t look now, but Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, all now over 400 per 100,000, are getting close to catching Michigan for COVID-19 cases per capita. No joke.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale claiming “Joe Biden is a terrible candidate and people know it.” If so, why did Donald risk impeachment with Ukraine “quid pro quo” to keep Biden from becoming the nominee?

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow asking SCOTUS for “temporary presidential immunity.”

So how many people hypothetically WOULD Trump be allowed to shoot in the middle of 5th Avenue?

And okay, I didn’t go to law school, but doesn’t “presidential immunity” mean that Trump also has to drop the BS accusations against Obama?

Special elections have historically low turnouts. So not much really to predict for November based on #CA25 & #WI07. But two things:

Hope for a blue Biden landslide.

Work like every precinct will come down to a single vote.

So Trump’s attorneys are seriously arguing about “Distraction to the president?” If Donald is really worried about distraction why doesn’t he TURN OFF HIS BLEEPING TELEVISION?

Wonder how many of Donald Trump’s waking hours are spent fuming?


One of my many favorite poetry lines over the years “Too long a sacrifice, Can make a stone of the heart”

W.B. Yeats, in Easter 1916, was talking about the long struggle for Irish independence and the history of British colonialism.

He wasn’t talking about not being able to get a haircut.

On deck circle?

May 12, 2020

MLB is reportedly thinking of starting the 2020 season in July.  July?!  Or as SF Giants fans old enough to remember Candlestick Park call it “Winter.”

On nonpolitical note,  MLB Monday listed the coolest players for each MLB team. For SFGiants, they choose  “Mike Yastrzemski, adding “”hope no Giants fans will be offended that this was probably most difficult team to find someone on in all of baseball.” Uh, did they forget Hunter Pence?  Maybe the “coolest” player in all of baseball?


If Katie Miller had waited until she had symptoms, much if not most of the Trump White House would have been infected. So how does Trump say “Everyone who “needs” a test can have a test.


#RacistInChief is trending. This one may really take off, because for some of Trump’s base, they consider it a compliment.


If Democrats DO go to a virtual convention this August does that mean we might at least be spared endless media discussion on what Joe’s running mate wears?

Yeah, as President, Barack Obama wore a tan suit. He would also, as President, absolutely have worn a mask.

Sen. Bernie Sanders said today there is a “very, very slim” chance that he will run for president again. So his supporters are saying “there’s a chance.”

Ooh, women reporters drive Trump off the stage. Well, a woman running with Joe Biden will drive Donald out of the White House in 175 days.


No one talks about Trump’s eyesight, but he does have glasses, which he never wears at news conferences. Is it just possible he first thought one of those women reporters he was calling on today was Korean-American dark-haired Chanel Rion of OANN?

Here we go. With Trump spouting about “Obamagate”
“Terrible things happened.”
“You know what the crime is.”
Yeah, Barack Obama’s crime is being much more admired and beloved than Donald Trump will ever be.

I love Michelle Obama & Barack regularly says he’s “married up,” but we only know about her because of him. A delightful change about 2020 Presidential race – six white men themselves became most known as candidate spouses. And most recognizable of them was Chasten Buttigieg.


Yes, Amy Klobuchar is my favorite. Yes, I’m voting for Joe Biden no matter who he picks as VP. Yes, I think articles claiming to have secret info on Biden’s pick are blowing smoke. Only person who may really know if Joe’s made up his mind is Jill & she’s not talking. 


May 11, 2020

Random thought. As NBA thinks about possibly trying to get 2019-2020 playoffs scheduled, your reminder that the 2020-21 preseason is suppose to start in about four and half  months.

I’m so old I remember when people were wondering if the 2020 MLB season would be tainted by the Astros and Red Sox cheating scandal.

The British Isles, including London, were bombed on a regular basis, sometimes nightly for 8 months between September 1940 to May 1941. And some Americans can’t handle less than 8 weeks without a haircut?

May 10 saw lowest U.S. COVID-19 death toll since late March.
A sign we’ve turned the corner?
Or a sign that many states didn’t want to push America’s total over 80,000 on Mother’s Day?

Georgia is reporting a decline in COVID-19 cases and deaths since they reopened.  I believe Georgia’s reports like I believe Kemp reported a fair election.


As Fauci and other experts connected with coronavirus task Force self-quarantine and thus have to testify before the Senate remotely, have considered one small mercy – it keeps them away from windows.


Another WTF moment – Trump fundraising email: “Tomorrow we are launching something HUGE – something we’ve never done before. All you have to do is contribute to get notified tomorrow when we UNLEASH our juggernaut” What I would donate for? A juggernaut resignation speech.

As death toll in US approaches 80,000 pretty clear that Donald Trump considers the only real victim of COVID-19 to be himself.

Looked at some of my favorite Twitter feeds Sunday, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker……. All have lovely & loving tributes to their moms, with pictures.   Finally found the single tweet out of over 100 of Trump’s tweets ” “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” in all caps.

So did Trump not wish “Happy Mother’s Day” to the various mothers of his children because he couldn’t remember who they are?

I have lost count, and lost interest in counting, the number of Trump’s rant tweets Sunday.  (Well over 100)    But would anyone like to explain, exactly what work was Donald supposed to be doing at Camp David this Mother’s Day weekend?

In a league of their own

May 10, 2020

RIP Mary Pratt, at 101. Former pitcher the last surviving member of the Rockford Peaches.  And and if there’s anyone left who hasn’t seen “League of their Own,” or if it’s been a while and you have kids who haven’t seen it… a great movie for during stay at home, or any time.

Trump actually retweeted a few tweets praising Tony Gwynn, on what would have been Mr. Padre’s 60th birthday.  Of course, if Donald really wanted to honor Tony, he might have proposed some new regulations for smokeless tobacco?

Can anyone imagine if this pandemic had happened ten years ago?  Before it was over  Brett Favre could have retired and unretired 5 times.


Now 2:00am Sunday morning on East Coast. Positive thought for the night, pretty sure next year on May 9  President Biden will be wishing Dr. Jill Biden  a happy Mother’s Day!

RIP Little Richard, 87. If you didn’t know who he was, you sure knew who he influenced. Which was basically everyone in rock and roll.

Here’s a weird and random thought. Had he lived, Elvis would have been two years younger than Little Richard

Feel badly for all those couples who had to postpone weddings this weekend. But maybe as snow fell in the Northeast, including in Central Park,  any New York bride who planned to wear a sleeveless dress outdoors doesn’t feel quite as disappointed today

“The Hill” correspondent Reid Wilson pointed out tonight “that three of the four top scientists on the White House’s #COVID19 task force — NIH’s Fauci, CDC’s Redfield, FDA’s Hahn — are now in self quarantine after coming into contact with infected WH staffer. Only State’s Birx not in quarantine.”

So maybe those scarves are good for something?

Sad thing, if Hillary Clinton were President, and had taken advice of scientists so US would be more like New Zealand or South Korea with this pandemic, MAGAers wouldn’t be praising her, but rather saying her success proved COVID-19 was a hoax.

The special election for California district 25 is  largely vote-by-mail. Saturday Trump ranted on Twitter  about city of Lancaster opening an  in-person voting place.   Usually Trump rants about vote-by-mail. Almost as if Donald is less concerned with how you vote, than with WHO votes?