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Dying for business.

May 1, 2020

Former Cubs/Expos star  Andre Dawson now runs a funeral home in South Florida. Where he is unfortunately having a spike in business.  Yeah, we don’t have baseball right now. But wonder how many people crowding beaches in the state may have their next-of-kin meet this Hall of Fame player?

NASCAR says they will resume season on May 17 with seven races in 10 days. So good news for since Trump stopped his daily press briefings for anyone who’s feeling withdrawal from watching wrecks.

Macy’s says they will reopen all their US stores within six weeks. Of course new clothes retail therapy would be a lot more appealing if we had anywhere to wear them.


Contrary to what the Mayo Clinic itself said, Karen Pence said VP Mike didn’t know about the clinic having  a mask rule.

Got it.  So Karen  is the mom who writes a note for her son after he gets sent home for a school field trip dress code violations… and blames the teacher for not being clear?


Joe Biden called for Trump to lower the White House flag to honor COVID-19 pandemic dead,. When asked today Donald responded:  “I would not mind doing that, I would say not only the White House flag. We could do that. In fact, it’s something I will be talking about later.”

Translation, in a week Trump will claim it’s his idea.

Very confused, do some of these armed right-wing protesters in Michigan think you can just shoot the Coronavirus?


Tonight Rachel Maddow told a story reported by Washington Post that Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland needed to have plane from Korea with test kits land at BWI Airport, rather than Dulles so feds wouldn’t confiscate them.  And that the Maryland  National Guard is guarding the supplies. This documentary version of “24” s*cks.


Ooh, I may have gotten the link to work here. In any case. It’s a nice antidote to the insanity out of the Oval Office.  Two former rivals doing “Midwestern Nice,” mostly.


For anyone who says we need “excitement” on the ticket, I dream of the day when the biggest controversy involving a Vice President might be that she gets overly competitive at Scrabble.

Trump today ” People don’t realize. New Jersey, believe it or not, is the single most dense area in the country.” Uh, not even close. The single most truly “dense” area in the country is whatever room in which Donald calls a meeting of his cabinet.


Latest lousy limerick

On COVID Trump wasn’t prepared.
So Don bet he could show that he cared.
But to tell Putin “danke”
Or placate Ivanka?
He threw all his chips in on Jared.