Florida men.

And NFL players haven’t missed a paycheck yet…

In Florida, arrest warrants have been issued in South Florida for NY Giants CB DeAndre Baker and Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar in connection to an armed robbery investigation. ESPN reports  the two were charged with stealing money and watches while armed with semi-automatic firearms.

I don’t just miss sports, I miss times when this would be the biggest story of the day.

Got it. Trump strategy about COVID-19 losses is just to pretend they haven’t happened. So if baseball season ever gets started can we SF Giants fans just declare any game that doesn’t result in a win hasn’t happened either?

Mall of America will reopen June 1. Do they have a coffin store?

Seems likely Senator Richard Burr is guilty of insider trading. But Barr signed FBI warrant only after Burr’s intelligence committee said Russia interfered in 2016 committee. T.S. Eliot was right- “The last temptation is the greatest treason, to do the right thing, for the wrong reason.”


Ivanka Trump today said her dad “is tested on a daily basis – all those who come into contact with him are tested on a daily basis.” Wait, I thought “testing is overrated?”

And uh, do Trump and Pence know that a daily COVID-19 test keeps you from getting coronavirus about as well as a daily pregnancy test keeps keeps you from getting pregnant?

Kirsten Gillibrand was never close to my first choice in Democratic primary. But retroactive bonus points for this prescient statement in an early debate: July 31, 2019, “The first thing I’m going to do when I’m President will be to Clorox The Oval Office”

Mar-A-Lago to partially reopen this weekend. Already hot and humid in Miami, so why? 1. Trump doesn’t want to refund dues? 2. Reopening gives Donald some excuse not to have his workers claim unemployment? 3. Trump can’t pretend he lives there if it stays closed? 4. All of above.

Trump attacking Obama and Biden today “It was the greatest political crime in the history of our country.” Once again, Freud NAILS projection.


Trump tonight referred to his supporters as “Keyboard Warriors.”  Guess no one had him look up the definition

From Urban Dictionary –  “Person who, being unable to express anger through physical violence (owning to their physical weakness, lack of bravery & conviction in real life), instead manifests said emotions through text-based medium of internet”

Even Dictionary.com ” Keyboard warrior”  – a person who makes abusive or aggressive posts on the Internet, typically one who conceals their true identity.

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