Governor Greg Ducey says professional Sports can resume Saturday in Arizona.

Would the 26-39 Phoenix Suns qualify?

You know the new normal has changed, when you get ESPN sports updates on your phone… from the KBO (Korean Baseball.)

Btw, the NC Dinos beat the KT Wiz. And I have no idea who either of those teams are.



#WomenForTrump was trending Tuesday night on Twitter.

 How to say this gently without being suspended on social mediar?

“Women For Trump” IMHO, is like “F*cking for Virginity.”

Washington Post reporting that Mexico border town of Nogales is spraying all travelers crossing from US with a sanitation solution as a precaution against the virus.. Who needs a wall when Trump’s inaction has allowed America to become literally toxic?

Don’t look now, but Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, all now over 400 per 100,000, are getting close to catching Michigan for COVID-19 cases per capita. No joke.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale claiming “Joe Biden is a terrible candidate and people know it.” If so, why did Donald risk impeachment with Ukraine “quid pro quo” to keep Biden from becoming the nominee?

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow asking SCOTUS for “temporary presidential immunity.”

So how many people hypothetically WOULD Trump be allowed to shoot in the middle of 5th Avenue?

And okay, I didn’t go to law school, but doesn’t “presidential immunity” mean that Trump also has to drop the BS accusations against Obama?

Special elections have historically low turnouts. So not much really to predict for November based on #CA25 & #WI07. But two things:

Hope for a blue Biden landslide.

Work like every precinct will come down to a single vote.

So Trump’s attorneys are seriously arguing about “Distraction to the president?” If Donald is really worried about distraction why doesn’t he TURN OFF HIS BLEEPING TELEVISION?

Wonder how many of Donald Trump’s waking hours are spent fuming?


One of my many favorite poetry lines over the years “Too long a sacrifice, Can make a stone of the heart”

W.B. Yeats, in Easter 1916, was talking about the long struggle for Irish independence and the history of British colonialism.

He wasn’t talking about not being able to get a haircut.

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