On deck circle?

MLB is reportedly thinking of starting the 2020 season in July.  July?!  Or as SF Giants fans old enough to remember Candlestick Park call it “Winter.”

On nonpolitical note,  MLB Monday listed the coolest players for each MLB team. For SFGiants, they choose  “Mike Yastrzemski, adding “”hope no Giants fans will be offended that this was probably most difficult team to find someone on in all of baseball.” Uh, did they forget Hunter Pence?  Maybe the “coolest” player in all of baseball?


If Katie Miller had waited until she had symptoms, much if not most of the Trump White House would have been infected. So how does Trump say “Everyone who “needs” a test can have a test.


#RacistInChief is trending. This one may really take off, because for some of Trump’s base, they consider it a compliment.


If Democrats DO go to a virtual convention this August does that mean we might at least be spared endless media discussion on what Joe’s running mate wears?

Yeah, as President, Barack Obama wore a tan suit. He would also, as President, absolutely have worn a mask.

Sen. Bernie Sanders said today there is a “very, very slim” chance that he will run for president again. So his supporters are saying “there’s a chance.”

Ooh, women reporters drive Trump off the stage. Well, a woman running with Joe Biden will drive Donald out of the White House in 175 days.


No one talks about Trump’s eyesight, but he does have glasses, which he never wears at news conferences. Is it just possible he first thought one of those women reporters he was calling on today was Korean-American dark-haired Chanel Rion of OANN?

Here we go. With Trump spouting about “Obamagate”
“Terrible things happened.”
“You know what the crime is.”
Yeah, Barack Obama’s crime is being much more admired and beloved than Donald Trump will ever be.

I love Michelle Obama & Barack regularly says he’s “married up,” but we only know about her because of him. A delightful change about 2020 Presidential race – six white men themselves became most known as candidate spouses. And most recognizable of them was Chasten Buttigieg.


Yes, Amy Klobuchar is my favorite. Yes, I’m voting for Joe Biden no matter who he picks as VP. Yes, I think articles claiming to have secret info on Biden’s pick are blowing smoke. Only person who may really know if Joe’s made up his mind is Jill & she’s not talking. 

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