Random thought. As NBA thinks about possibly trying to get 2019-2020 playoffs scheduled, your reminder that the 2020-21 preseason is suppose to start in about four and half  months.

I’m so old I remember when people were wondering if the 2020 MLB season would be tainted by the Astros and Red Sox cheating scandal.

The British Isles, including London, were bombed on a regular basis, sometimes nightly for 8 months between September 1940 to May 1941. And some Americans can’t handle less than 8 weeks without a haircut?

May 10 saw lowest U.S. COVID-19 death toll since late March.
A sign we’ve turned the corner?
Or a sign that many states didn’t want to push America’s total over 80,000 on Mother’s Day?

Georgia is reporting a decline in COVID-19 cases and deaths since they reopened.  I believe Georgia’s reports like I believe Kemp reported a fair election.


As Fauci and other experts connected with coronavirus task Force self-quarantine and thus have to testify before the Senate remotely, have considered one small mercy – it keeps them away from windows.


Another WTF moment – Trump fundraising email: “Tomorrow we are launching something HUGE – something we’ve never done before. All you have to do is contribute to get notified tomorrow when we UNLEASH our juggernaut” What I would donate for? A juggernaut resignation speech.

As death toll in US approaches 80,000 pretty clear that Donald Trump considers the only real victim of COVID-19 to be himself.

Looked at some of my favorite Twitter feeds Sunday, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker……. All have lovely & loving tributes to their moms, with pictures.   Finally found the single tweet out of over 100 of Trump’s tweets ” “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” in all caps.

So did Trump not wish “Happy Mother’s Day” to the various mothers of his children because he couldn’t remember who they are?

I have lost count, and lost interest in counting, the number of Trump’s rant tweets Sunday.  (Well over 100)    But would anyone like to explain, exactly what work was Donald supposed to be doing at Camp David this Mother’s Day weekend?

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