In a league of their own

RIP Mary Pratt, at 101. Former pitcher the last surviving member of the Rockford Peaches.  And and if there’s anyone left who hasn’t seen “League of their Own,” or if it’s been a while and you have kids who haven’t seen it… a great movie for during stay at home, or any time.

Trump actually retweeted a few tweets praising Tony Gwynn, on what would have been Mr. Padre’s 60th birthday.  Of course, if Donald really wanted to honor Tony, he might have proposed some new regulations for smokeless tobacco?

Can anyone imagine if this pandemic had happened ten years ago?  Before it was over  Brett Favre could have retired and unretired 5 times.


Now 2:00am Sunday morning on East Coast. Positive thought for the night, pretty sure next year on May 9  President Biden will be wishing Dr. Jill Biden  a happy Mother’s Day!

RIP Little Richard, 87. If you didn’t know who he was, you sure knew who he influenced. Which was basically everyone in rock and roll.

Here’s a weird and random thought. Had he lived, Elvis would have been two years younger than Little Richard

Feel badly for all those couples who had to postpone weddings this weekend. But maybe as snow fell in the Northeast, including in Central Park,  any New York bride who planned to wear a sleeveless dress outdoors doesn’t feel quite as disappointed today

“The Hill” correspondent Reid Wilson pointed out tonight “that three of the four top scientists on the White House’s #COVID19 task force — NIH’s Fauci, CDC’s Redfield, FDA’s Hahn — are now in self quarantine after coming into contact with infected WH staffer. Only State’s Birx not in quarantine.”

So maybe those scarves are good for something?

Sad thing, if Hillary Clinton were President, and had taken advice of scientists so US would be more like New Zealand or South Korea with this pandemic, MAGAers wouldn’t be praising her, but rather saying her success proved COVID-19 was a hoax.

The special election for California district 25 is  largely vote-by-mail. Saturday Trump ranted on Twitter  about city of Lancaster opening an  in-person voting place.   Usually Trump rants about vote-by-mail. Almost as if Donald is less concerned with how you vote, than with WHO votes?

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