Banging those something?

By the time Major League Baseball comes back, will anyone remember what the Astros and Red Sox got punished for?

As theaters begin to reopen in some states, remember, what many of them made most of their money on was not the films themselves, but things like that jumbo shared bucket of popcorn. Oops.

“Indecent Proposal”- 1993 – rich man offers couple $1 million to save dream home if wife will spend night w/ him. Now it’s “Indecent Proposal 2020” – GOP offers you chance to save democracy IF you risk your life to vote. Time for Senate to vote on Klobuchar-Wyden #VotebyMail bill

The GOP District Attorney in Georgia who initially refused to prosecute killers of Ahmaud Arbery is up for re-election in November.   There is no Democrat running against her but an independent is trying to gather enough signatures to make the ballot.

If you needed any reminder, state & local elections matter.

Of course stores can do mail only delivery but still felt sad today seeing bookstores classified as “nonessential.”. Books are essential. Period.

If one of those amazing and wonderful WWII veterans who Donald Trump possibly exposed to COVID-19 today for a photo-op actually dies of coronavirus, do you think the White House would tell us?

I try not to personally wish harm on anyone. But you have to admit two people at White House testing positive for COVID-19, a day after “National Prayer Day,” kind of makes you wonder whose prayers God might have been listening to.

Katie Miller, the wife of Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller, has now tested positive for the coronavirus. So researchers will now get a high profile case to study possible inter-species transmission.

And then, while news outlets understood that Katie Miller had tested positive, but kept it quiet out of concern for her privacy,  Trump just blurted it out at a meeting.

To be fair, if someone asked Trump if he “violated HIPAA” Donald would almost certainly respond “Whatever she says, I barely knew the woman. And she wouldn’t have been my first choice.”

You know Trump has been seriously stressed out by two cases of COVID-19 in the West Wing. He forgot to fire someone this week late on a Friday night.


A simple question – if Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant is teleworking then why did she need to be tested?

If Trump thinks masks aren’t necessary and testing is “overrated,” then why doesn’t he show the American people by example and not have anyone around him masked or tested? Asking for a country.

Would be funny if not so disgusting. Trump fundraising email. “We want all our top Trump supporters to be protected as states are starting to re-open for business. For next 12 hrs we’re offering 3 FREE face masks w/ any contribution of $20 or more.” No joke. #DoAsISayNotAsIdo

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