Under the lights.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been scheduled for  five prime-time games, the NFL’s maximum allowed.  Okay, can anyone, even Bucs fans remember five prime-time games in one season?

-But at least this should dispel any notion that the league treats Sir Brady differently?

NCAA enforcement staff said Kansas’s men’sbasketball program, including coach Bill Self,  committed “egregious” and “severe” rules violations that “significantly undermine and threaten the NCAA Collegiate Model. The school is charged with five “Level 1” (the worst) violations.

So with March Madness canceled this year will the #1 ranked Jayhawks be the first team to vacate a championship they didn’t even win?


Baltimore Ravens Earl Thomas’s wife was arrested for pointing a gun at his head after she caught him in a three-way with a woman and Earl’s brother.

Darn, I miss the days when this would have been one of the biggest headlines of the week.


So since Megyn Kelly has done an interview with Tara Reade anyone got a copy of the schedule of the 25 next interviews she is doing with all Trumps accusers?

Texas Supreme Court orders the release of Shelley Luther, who’d been sentenced to 7 days in jail for keeping her hair salon open in defiance of a state order. So they’re saying it’s her health and women can make their own choices. Got it.

I’m so old that I remember when GOP wanted to remove an Attorney General from office just for having a private conversation with a former president in her plane on the tarmac. #LorettaLynch #BillClinton


Bill Barr today asked how history would remember him dropping Flynn case: “History is written by the winners, so it largely depends on who is writing the history.” There’s a reason Trump hates history.

Folks, I want Bill Barr out of office as much as anyone. But doesn’t matter how many people sign the petition – he’s NOT going to resign. We win the White House, Flip the Senate, and then President Biden can put a decent woman, or man, in Barr’s place.


So how many men and women in jail are now calling their lawyers to demand a new trial because pleading guilty is no longer an admission of actually being guilty?


Judge Sullivan does have discretion regarding Barr and DOJ’s attempt to kill Flynn case, although apparently it would be highly unusual. Since we passed “highly unusual” a while ago, can someone please keep Emmet G. Sullivan away from windows?

Per Rachel Maddow – , we don’t even have all test results from many Midwestern states especially meatpacking plants:

Per Washington Post – even without those numbers, Three states newly in top 15, & bidding to crack top 10 for cases per capita. – South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska

Lost in this week’s craziness was Trump’s veto of the War Powers Resolution passed by the House and Senate. Wonder if Donald figures the way he’s screwed up Coronavirus he may need to wag a really big dog.

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