Warming up?

ESPN reports that, MLB expects to offer a return-to-play proposal to the MLB Players Association within a week. The current best hope is some spring training in June, and actual games in July.

Or at least maybe taking away headlines from NFL for a week?

One of the stranger non-Coronavirus, non-political semi-sports entences of 2020 that I vaguely somehow now understand is “People think the rhino is Barry Zito.”

RBG, 87, arguing to protect women’s right to birth control from her hospital bed. And there’re still people who call themselves liberal who won’t vote for Biden because he’s not “progressive” enough. If you don’t like Biden-Trump choice, how about RBG-Kavanaugh choice? 

Trump now says the Coronavirus task force will “continue on indefinitely” but “we may add or subtract people ….” Speaking of which, Donald’s not mentioning the 71,000 people who’ve been permanently subtracted.


Among the businesses allowed to reopen on Friday in Iowa are… tanning facilities?! Guess Governor Reynolds figures, if you’re willing to risk COVID, you might as well also be able to risk skin cancer?

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds praising Dear Leader today at White House “The partnership and collaboration as we went through this pandemic has been incredible.” “WENT” through? Once again time for the question, evil or stupid?

Someone asked new White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McNany who are world leaders who have praised Trump’s Coronavirus response, and she says she won’t reveal confidential information. Translation – none of them.


Fox reports Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick vowed to pay fines for a woman sent to jail because she kept her hair salon open, & volunteered to go under house arrest on condition she be freed. Uh, instead of house arrest why doesn’t Patrick volunteer to visit a COVID ICU ward?

A so-called “pro-life” Trump supporter proudly saying “you can call me a Grandma killer,” because she doesn’t want to stop going to museums and zoos, just about sums up what Hillary meant by “deplorables.”


Officials say 54 people in Milwaukee County alone who voted in person on April 7 have tested positive for the coronavirus.
“How many deaths will it take till he knows, that too many people have died?”
Mitch McConnell – call for a damn vote on the  #VoteByMail bill.

If there were no easy rapid COVID-19 test that Trump has access to every single day, does anyone think he’d be doing these vanity events on a regular basis?


On COVID Trump has zero shame.

Sad numbers become just a game.

For as people die

Don will just turn and lie

Then choose a new person to blame

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