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Bowl’ed over

February 4, 2018

Happy Super Bowl Sunday.  Along with 4/20 the favorite American day for the makers of Doritos.

Best Super Bowl commercial should remind millennials. or inform them if they haven’t seen it,  that #DirtyDancing was one of best movies of all time.

Dodge Ram Super Bowl commercials makes many of us long for the simpler days when Martin Luther King, Jr, was only used on his birthday to sell mattresses.



On the bright side, kids in Africa are going to be getting some really good looking “Patriots Super Bowl 52” champions t-shirts

Happiest people not in Philadelphia right now are those who bet the over.

But how much would you have gotten on the prop bet in Vegas on two missed PATs in the first half?

Meanwhile, the Patriots are already the favorites to win Super Bowl 53 at 9-2.    While the Bears, Jets, and Browns are 100-1.

Wonder what the odds are on the Browns winning a game?


But when did the Super Bowl turn into arena football?

Drew Brees apparently sent Nick Foles good luck wishes before the game. Did Saints coach Sean Payton send the Eagles that trick TD play?

So which comes first, #Eagles saying they don’t want to visit White House or Trump saying he wouldn’t have invited them anyway?

In Philadelphia cops put hydraulic fluid on poles to prevent climbing after #SuperBowl Really? And they took  away all those potential Darwin Award winners & organ donors?


February 2012 – Gisele Bundchen “My husband cannot fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” Unfortunately for her & Patriots, Nick Foles CAN. #SuperBowl


First  Super Bowl with winning TD from an Arizona Quarterback, Nick Foles, to a Stanford tight end, Zack Ertz.   So who needs a stinkin’ bowl game win?  #pac12pride

Super Bowl 52 is over.    The Super Bowl 53 pre-game show starts tomorrow.

SNL skit had Trump getting his daily intelligence briefing from “Fox & Friends.” White House may sue NBC for giving away state secrets.


Eve of the game that cannot be named.

February 4, 2018

So will Terrell Owens be first NFL player ever fined for excessive celebration during his HOF induction speech?

So steroid users can’t be in baseball Hall of Fame, but football has no problem with murderers. #RayLewis


Warriors, Cavs, Spurs all lose tonight. Would be more meaningful if we weren’t about two months away from the beginning of the real NBA regular season. #playoffs

Steve Kerr on #Warriors “It’s painful obviously that our guys are mentally fried right now,” That stampeding sound you hear is rest of @NBA rushing to get their violins.

Warriors 30 point loss to Jazz was most embarrassing basketball story of the week. #Duke – “Hold our beer.” #StJohns

Many pundits figure #Eagles have as much chance of beating the #Patriots as St. John’s had of beating #Duke.


Trump’s tweet whine about his poll numbers & media reports ends “Oh well, maybe someday.” Same as he said about trying to be Kim Jong Un’s friend. What is he, 12?


Even Richard Nixon is thinking that Trump has a serious paranoia problem.

Trump’s tweet whine about his poll numbers & media reports ends “Oh well, maybe someday.” Same as he said about trying to be Kim Jong Un’s friend. What is he, 12?

Ryan talks about a $1.50 a week tax cut being enough for a Costco membership. Even he knows it won’t buy a small cup of coffee at Starbucks.


At least Paul Ryan didn’t say $1.50 a week would buy Americans a nice cake they could eat.


So Paul Ryan accidentally revealed real GOP tax cut plan for middle class: Give them enough money to buy lottery tickets so they can hope to win and retire.

But come on, isn’t it worth losing healthcare, clean air and water, endangered species, women’s rights, etc. if you gain a whole $1.50 a week.

Okay, really, if you were writing Democratic #DNC ad could you write it better than to say “All GOP budget cuts are worth it to save $1.50 a week?”