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February 11, 2018

So if a skater can fall twice & still have a higher score than Adam Rippon, I don’t want to hear anymore about how baseball rules are absurd.

But nothing says skating for Russia like Elvis? #Olympics

Does it mean I’m getting old when I think medals for the luge should have Darwin’s picture on them? #WinterOlympics #ChrisMazdzer

Jamie Anderson gets gold for America in slopestyle. Millions of Americans “USA!. USA! USA!. What’s ‘slopestyle'”?

So after being arrested last month for marijuana possession, #49ers#ReubenFoster has now been arrested for alleged domestic violence. Guessing on this one we won’t hear Trump talk about due process.

So I know Pence can’t have dinner alone with women. But does Mother let him have dinner with gay men?

What Torvill and Dean did for Bolero, Virtue and Moir just did for #MoulinRouge#Olympics #Canada


Norwegians switched red for blue uniforms in speed skating this #Olympicsafter Norwegian scientists claimed “blue is faster than other colors.” And they say baseball players are superstitious.

Rand Paul on domestic violence “I’m not saying that I’m denying what these women are saying. I’m just saying that these things are very, very complicated.” Can’t imagine how Paul could have provoked his neighbor to attack him.#complicated?

Senator Bob Corker apparently reconsidering retirement. Who does he think he is, Brett Favre?


Over 4,000 Americans died last week from flu & associated pneumonia – 1 in 10 deaths in this country. Good thing Trump just signed a bill to cut $1.35 billion from the CDC Prevention & Public Health Fund.

As the #RobPorter scandal continues, Fox News has online headline about “Monica, Linda Tripp and the scandalous days leading up to Clinton’s deposition.” #WTF


So Kellyanne Conway isn’t worried about Hope Hicks dating Rob Porter because Hope is “strong.” Building that bridge to the 19th century?

Kellyanne Conway say Trump is still “inclined” to release Democratic memo. Right, he’ll make it a two-fer on the day he releases his tax returns.


So what is @realDonaldTrump going to do if some woman accuses both a Democrat AND a Republican man of sexual misconduct?


Almost live?

February 11, 2018

Of course, it’s really hard to complain too much that you really were upset to have tape-delayed ice dancing.

On the other hand, don’t miss Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, the Canadian couple who actually had to censor their routine for the Olympics.  No jokes.

ABC had Draymond Green miked up for tonight’s #Warriors #Spurs game. Since it’s early enough for children to watch assume they had him on a 5-second delay.

Cubs get Yu Darvish for 6 years and $126 million. In related news will they announce installment plan at Wrigley Field to pay for beer?

#GreggPopovich trending. Nice to have one guy in sports where you’re pretty damn sure it’s not for sexual harassment. (Turns out it was for joking that Steve Kerr’s son, a @Spurs employee, is a spy for his dad.)

And yeah, I’m biased.  I’m a Spurs fan. But half their team did pretty well against the Warriors.

Watching short track speed skating makes me nostalgic for those childhood days watching roller derby. #Olympics


This morning’s tweet storm, as it was pouring rain in DC and @realDonaldTrump is stuck inside, reminds Americans that there are some advantages to his weekends on the golf course.

Trump whining about lives destroyed by allegations, “some are true and some are false.” So they are true when about Democrats & false when about Republicans?

Trump tweeted out LONG quote from Fox News today in two parts, with 19 minute gap between 1st & 2nd. Does he type that slow or did he need a covfefe break?


So the man who brought women who accused Hillary Clinton’s husband decades ago of sexual assault to a Presidential debate is now tweeting that allegations destroy lives?

So FBI and DOJ were against release of Nunez memo and Trump ignored them. Now they were against release of Dem memo and Trump cited them as reason not to release it. So he’s made FBI and DOJ great again?

Okay, folks, so who do we have next in Trump resignation bingo?

Two Ohio police officers killed in the line of duty today were responding to a domestic violence situation. But @POTUS still doesn’t take it seriously.