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Hands up?

October 8, 2017

So who had the Alex Smith led #Chiefs as the last undefeated team in the NFL?  Now all of you liars put your hands down.

Jerry Jones, players who “disrespect the flag” will be benched. Uh, the #Cowboys are 2-3. How about benching athletes who don’t play well

To be fair, Jerry Jones probably figured he could bench half the Cowboys and still win their next game against the 49ers.

Newton “My sarcasm, trying to give someone compliment turned in ways I never would’ve even imagined.” Note to Cam  -quit while you’re ahead.  Or at least not so far behind.


Offensive line coach for Dolphins seen snorting white powder. After shutout by Saints maybe he thought it was rare substance from end zone?

From T.C.  A video has surfaced showing a Miami Dolphins asst coach snorting coke using a $20 bill. A Head Coach would have used a $100 bill, of course this was an offensive “Line Coach.”

Stanford is #25, Utah is #23. If there were only a way to see them head-to-head and find out who’s really the better team. #NerdNation

Senator Bob Corker refers to the White House as an “adult day care center.” Prompting immediate calls for an apology – from day care centers.


It’s understandable GOP so upset about Dems & Harvey Weinstein. Because they themselves were so quick to condemn Roger Ailes & Bill O’Reilly.

Trump directed VP  Pence  to walk out KNOWING there would be protest & still sending him on military plane. @POTUS throwing our budget out of whack.

Considering it’s been about 3 years since he went to a game wonder who told Mike Pence that @Colts were even playing at home Sunday



Thinking however you feel about protests,  making taxpayers pay for Trump/Pence publicity stunt is more offensive and less American than NFL players kneeling.

If people kneel in front of the flag at the White House will Donald Trump leave?

Delta Airlines and United have issued a “Winter Weather waiver” for travelers to or through Denver tomorrow. Oct 9. But there’s no climate change…

Clearly if you harass women & get caught you can’t run film company. You can only be elected President of United States. #Weinstein #Trump

If liberal media covered up Weinstein bad behavior for years why didn’t #FoxNews break what would have been a bombshell story? #RogerAiles?

What a waste. Half million dollars or so tax dollars @VP spent on his little publicity stunt would’ve paid for a weekend of Trump golfing.


While you were sleeping

October 8, 2017


Too bad all the Heisman voters are asleep.#BryceLove #Loveisallyouneed #Stanford

Many fans from SF Giants days glad  to see Dusty Baker on the good side of a 5 run late inning comeback in the postseason. Go Nats.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said “I screwed up” in not challenging HBP call. He did. But he wasn’t on the mound giving up six runs.


New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu lifted the city’s curfew Saturday night. Well, that calls for several drinks. #laissezlesbontempsroulez

11 injured when Toyota Prius hit pedestrians near London’s Natural History Museum. Police say not it’s a “road traffic investigation” not terrorism. As if terrorists would use a Prius.

Nonpolitical serious thought:  As a serious Carpenters fan, still feels like such a sad waste that Karen died from a (probably poorly treated) eating disorder.
But looking at Ralphie May, and earlier John Candy and Chris Farley, perhaps maybe we should also look at their lives less as fat jokes than people who also needed help with eating disorders?

So much really scary stuff in world now,   so thinking never donate to ANY politician whose email subject lines are usually “awful” or “urgent.”

Missing days when you could step away from social media for an hour on weekends without President threatening presumptive war.

Trump – Melania received “tremendous abuse” for wearing high heels to visit hurricane victims. Maybe Puerto Ricans can pray for her? #wtf?


If GOP really wants to stop “risky sexual behavior” make it law that men who have sex need to put $$$ in fund for potential child support.



Trump says he’s not surprised by Weinstein allegations. How many times did they engage in “locker room talk” together?

SNL could have attacked Harvey Weinstein, who seems to be fitting#deplorable definition. Except Weinstein hasn’t been elected to office.


We can’t talk gun control after mass shooting or climate change after a hurricane. Is there going to be say, an open Tuesday this fall?