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Really wild cards.

October 4, 2017

8-4, and 11-8.  Three of the four wild card teams scored more in their games than the Cleveland Browns will probably score on Sunday.


Who does Archie Bradley think he is? Madison Bumgarner? But seriously, who needs a DH?  #NL  #Pitcherswhorake

Although apparently the Rockies didn’t get the memo from SF Giants.  When it matters, NEVER EVER PITCH TO GOLDSCHMIDT.

British tennis player Dan Evans received a 1 year suspension after testing positive for cocaine. What was authorities first clue, when Evans jumped the net to congratulate an opponent, and cleared it by 20 feet?

49ers are having issues with Levi’s Stadium over curfew issues with weeknight concerts. Unfortunately for residents who don’t like noise, at concerts, unlike 49ers games, fans stay until the end.


Mansplaining award to Cam Newton, who thought it was  funny when a female reporter asked about receiver routes.  Considering Newton’s less than stellar stats this year maybe HE’s the one who should be paying attention to studying routes.


DT Anthony Zettel has most Detroit Lions sacks in 2017. Think I speak for many women sports fans in saying hope he gets more on Sunday. #CamNewton

ATF says Las Vegas shooter bought 33 guns in the last year. And I have to leave the country to buy one package of aspirin with codeine.

So would @realDonaldTrump like to name ONE reported news story that was negative towards him since his inaugural that wasn’t #FakeNews?


Never expected to wake up in a world where the big question of morning is whether or not the US Secretary of State called POTUS a “moron.”

But turns out  apparently NBC News WAS #FakeNews. Reports are now that Tillerson did not call Trump a moron, he called him a “f*cking moron.”

Got it, if shooter were Muslim would have been “Radical Islamic Terrorism, if black “radical left” . Because it was a white guy. Trump said his “wires are screwed up.”

All 5 living ex-US presidents to attend Texas benefit concert for hurricane relief. Wonder how much money they could raise in an auction  if the winning bidders got to hear them talk off-the-record about Trump?

In 1980, the MGM hotel in Las Vegas caught fire & killed 85 people. After that, hotels started requiring sprinklers and smoke alarms. It was the smoke alarms, triggered by all the gunshots, (not a “miracle”) that allowed police to finally find the Las Vegas killer Sunday night and storm his room.
Ah for the days when innocent people died and we as a country actually learned from their deaths and changed laws.


Regarding all the “prayers for Las Vegas.” Look, I have no problem with prayer and those who look to God at a time like this.
But okay, we have metal detectors and airport security and a lot of other things set up in society to keep us safe – “God helps those who help themselves” Why is it so hard for some to accept the idea of sensible gun regulations as helping us help ourselves?


Launches and other angles

October 4, 2017

Feeling old that I remember baseball before there was exit velocity. #ALWildCard

Happiest people watching Yankees and Twins run through pitchers have to be the Indians.

Just your average 4 hour MLB playoff game. Are we sure  Yankees weren’t playing the Red Sox?  #WildCard

QB Brandon Weeden now has an NFL job. So just how far in front of Kaepernick on teams’ desperation list is Tim Tebow?


NFL reduced the suspension of Bears LB Danny Trevathan to 1 game.  Reduced why?Because it turns out Packers WR Davante Adams can still walk?

Grayson Allen has regained his position as a captain of Duke’s basketball team. To soon to start a pool on his first 2017 suspension?

A Florida man who was cleaning his gun accidentally shot and killed his 22 year-old son. So things are coming back to normal in Murica

On #NationalBoyfriendDay it comes out “pro-life” Rep. Tim Murphy asked mistress to abort. Showing most women their boyfriend isn’t THAT bad.

Americans can easily buy “bump stocks” online, but if CVS drug store has a 2 for 1 sale we can’t buy 2 Sudafeds- that would be dangerous. Rest of world – #WTF?

Trump now blocked @ddale8 DC correspondent for Toronto Star. Stand up to our enemies? @POTUS can’t even stand up to Canadian reporter.

Words Trump used about Las Vegas gunman: “very, very sick individual.”
and “demented.” Word he didn’t use – “terrorist.”

Trump says now “We’ll be talking about gun laws as time goes on,” Right, as soon as he releases his tax returns?

Many of the over 500+ Las Vegas shooting survivors will have permanent disabilities, so will Trump and GOP guarantee them no pre-existing condition healthcare rate hikes?

Years from now will we all remember where we were the day throwing paper towels became Presidential?

Trump to Puerto Rico, “you’ve thrown our budget out of whack”   The horror, hurricane made it harder to find $$$ for his golf weekends.

Fox News reports Steve Scalise said being shot strengthened his commitment to gun rights, and also that “Congress has made strides in attending to mental health issues, which he said could also be the root of attacks like both the one that wounded him and the Las Vegas massacre.”
Right, strides like proposing healthcare plans that cut mental health funding?


We have laws against murder and some people do still kill. So don’t give me that BS about about gun laws not stopping mass shootings.

Trump this morning on  Las Vegas Shooting ” What happened is, in many ways, a miracle. ” Like Puerto Rico is a “good news story?” #WTF?

All those times over several decades saying President is f*cking nuts seem so naive now we have US President who really IS f*cking nuts.