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Lost in translation?

October 16, 2017


NFL officiating czar today-“clear & obvious” to overturn Jets 4th quarter TD catch. Time to start checking league officials for concussions?

On resale sites, ticket prices for ALCS game 3 between Astros and Yankees in New York tonight have fallen as low as eighty-nine dollars. So fans can get into game for price of a Yankee Stadium hot dog & beer.

NFLPA now filed for restraining order to block Ezekiel Elliott suspension. If this keeps up suspension won’t take place until Zeke retires.

Tiger Woods has apparently been cleared to resume full golf activity with no restrictions. Does that include waitresses?


If the @Spurs knock off the @Warriors as NBA champion this year guessing they won’t be visiting the White House either. #Popovich

And just in case anyone didn’t know. #GreggPopovich, besides being one of greatest coaches ever, is an actual veteran,

Trader Joe’s now has pumpkin-flavored dog treats. So ready for it to be November.


Nothing says respect for Judeo-Christian values like nominating someone’s former mistress & now third wife as Ambassador to the Vatican.


Interesting how I haven’t heard a peep about Calista Gingrich from those who attack Hillary for enabling her cheating husband.

Think if firefighters started kneeling that Trump would find time for a tweet about California Wildfires?

After saying little on opioids after his August promise pledge to declare a national emergency, Trump now says, “probably next week” he will make a major announcement.
Translation, he’s waiting for the next issue to surface re Jared, Ivanka or Russia so he can make the bigliest distraction.

Trump not only attacked Obama, falsely, about fallen soldiers, he said in his answer about ignoring the men killed in Niger “I’ve actually written letters individually to the soldiers we’re talking about, and they’re going to be going out either today or tomorrow.”

Translation, he’s going to get someone on his staff to write letters immediately for him to sign.


Here’s one thing some men just don’t seem to get. Of course both men and women can have a lousy boss and/or get harassed at work. But almost never do men get bullied or harassed just BECAUSE of their gender.

Trump today, when asked why he hasn’t mentioned the 4 US soldiers killed in Niger 12 days ago, said he “planned'” to call their families, but added “So the traditional way, if you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of them, didn’t make calls, a lot of them didn’t make calls, I like to call when it’s appropriate, when I think I’m able to do it.”
He’s not a “f*cking moron,” he’s a “f*cking evil bastard.”


In case any reader didn’t see Popovich’s comments today.  And in case anyone wonders why I’m a Spurs fan.


Where are the replacement refs when you need them?

October 16, 2017

Even Stevie Wonder could see that was a horrible call against New York Sunday.


But yeah,  that touchdown somehow called a fumble ought to do wonders for conspiracy theorists for those who figure fix is in for Patriots to get back to the playoffs.

Meanwhile only the Saints could turn a 35 point third quarter lead into a cardiac stress test.  (Up 45-10 they let the Lions get to within 45-38 before scoring a touchdown on an interception and eventually winning 52-38.)

But really, who did the Saints they they were?  The Atlanta Falcons?

Kaepernick filing a grievance against NFL for alleged collusion. That ought to do wonders for teams deciding if he’s worth the distraction.

Although even if Colin Kaepernick is a distraction maybe the #Browns should sign him to distract from their play on the field.

So the #NYGiants look like they’re leaving it up to #49ers and #Browns for number 1 draft pick?

The cheapest ticket available on a resale site for tonight’s Astros-Yankees game in New York has fallen from $145 Friday to $89 Monday morning.    Which now will make getting into the game about the same price as a Yankee Stadium hot dog and beer.


That moment that Woody Allen calls the Weinstein situation “sad…” #Whythereisnosatire

Wonder why #WoodyAllen would be stupid enough to use phrase “witch hunt” with Weinstein scandal. Maybe his black pointy hat is too tight?

Hurricane Ophelia expected to be a Tropical storm when it hits Ireland. Might be first time “tropical” and “Ireland” used in same sentence.


That moment when the US Secretary of State indicates he had to check to see if the President castrated him?

So how long until @realDonaldTrump at least decides to dedicate a golf tournament to California fire victims?


“Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas.”. Either way it’s someone being nice. If you’re offended by wrong phrase you just might be a snowflake