Send in the Rodmans?

Kim Jong Un’s wife apparently secretly gave birth in late 2012. This could further explain why the North Korean dictator wanted Rodman to visit – not only does Dennis know basketball but no doubt he was also the baby’s first clown.

No brainer? Magic Johnson has offered LeBron James $1 million to participate in the NBA’s slam dunk contest. Seriously LeBron, do the dunks, take the $1 million, donate it to charity. Might be the best “Decision” you ever publicly made.

Charlie Sheen is saying that Lindsay Lohan needs help and is offering to be her mentor. Which is a nice thought, but just exactly how screwed up do you have to be before Charlie Sheen is your voice of reason?

Anyone else get the impression listening to Mitt Romney now that instead of having to run for President, he feels that he should have just been appointed to the job, like a Pope?

Reggie Bush says that Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo “definitely could” have made it in the NFL? Maybe, though like most soccer stars, it would have been an adjustment for Ronaldo to learn about falling on the the ground hard when he was REALLY hit.

Joe Flacco says his new 6-year $120.6 million deal with Baltimore “wasn’t necessarily about the money. It was about earning that respect and feeling like I was respected around here.”

So if the Ravens had offered him $100 million, would Flacco have felt disrespected?-

Marissa Mayer reportedly came up with her directive abolishing telecommuting when she found out that employees weren’t logging in at home as much as they were supposed to be. Or is it just possible they tried regularly, and ofter couldn’t get Yahoo mail to work….

Apparently there are already some extra long airport wait times at Customs and things will get worse in TSA lines due to the sequester. But surely at this difficult time the U.S. can find money in the budget to make sure all members of Congress go through secondary screening.

A question no one would have heard not that long ago. “I forgot my phone, can you please tell me what time it is?”

NY GM Brian Cashman broke his ankle this morning skydiving. Who does he think he is, part of the Yankees’ putative starting lineup?

Gonzaga is #1 in the AP men’s basketball poll today. There goes any hope they had of being the tournament’s Cinderella.

Really? Actual headline from this morning: “Kate Middleton Attends Wedding While Nearly Five Months Pregnant.” Shocking what some women are able to accomplish..

From my friend Alex Kaseberg: A little tacky but …  “Quoting Youngbloods, everybody try to love one another right now. Except for that witch blocking the grocery aisle with her cart.   Die, whore”

(I’m thinking the same on a few folks with 35 items in the Express Line.)

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3 Comments on “Send in the Rodmans?”

  1. Tony Alan Banks Says:

    Hey, Joe Flacco. I took the ime to count my tears and the final tally was 120.6 of them. You poor disrespected man. “It’s not about the money” Cliche 101. Now pardon me while I go to coin star to cash in. Milk and bread would be nice. It’s about the money – and lack of it.

  2. tc Says:

    Playboy has just launched a Hebrew language edition in Israel. I’m guessing the first centerfold playmate is someone named Whoopee Goldberg?

    • Tony Alan Banks Says:

      Perhaps one of the Harlem GLOBE TROTTERS Trotted their way to Korea and is the baby daddy. To Kim Jong Un all basketball players look the same.

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