When you’re a Jet. (Or a Jet QB anyway.)

NY Jets coach Rex Ryan says he is undecided on next week’s starting QB, but insists he has confidence in McElroy, Tebow and Sanchez. Yikes. Has someone checked Ryan for concussions?

Only bright spot for NY sports fans Monday?    The Giants’ lackluster performance temporarily knocked the Jets off the front page.

Five BCS games. Only five teams in those games ranked in the top ten. And only one game with a spread under 8.    Guess that mean bitch karma isn’t a fan of  television networks.

The Mets are reportedly interested in trying to trade R.A. Dickey. But GM Sandy Alderson says fans should not take it as a sign that the team is pessimistic about their 2013 chances. Longtime fans are thinking. “The Mets had 2013 chances?”




Apparently Mitt Romney has gone back to work, rejoining Marriott’s board of directors. So President Obama’s job creation program is already working.


Kentucky’s men’s basketball team (4-3) fell out of the top 25 since John Calipari became coach in 2009. Calipari is so reportedly so upset with the team he might threaten the players with drastic punishment – like having to go to class.

Really? SI’s Sportsman of the Year is Lebron James?! Are they going to have a one-hour television special about how they came to that decision?

Derek Jeter has a broken ankle, A-Rod now needs hip surgery and will probably miss some of the 2013 season. Not saying the team is old but Yankees could end up wasting more money than a bad Medicare program.

A recent poll showed that Americans ranked Congress as second lowest out of 22 professions for honesty and ethical standards, higher only than car sellers. On the bright side, lawyers are happy to look good by comparison.

A New Jersey man will be arraigned today on the charge of  “destruction of an aircraft” after he punched and broke a window on a JetBlue plane when he was unhappy with his seat assignment.   So coming next, does this mean an airline  “window security” fee?

Serious thought for a change:  An aside to the gun control debate with the Chiefs player who murdered his girlfriend, maybe this is also time to both renew the NFL’s focus on concussions? And it is DEFINITELY time to do everything possible to destigmatize professional athletes going to mental health professionals.


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One Comment on “When you’re a Jet. (Or a Jet QB anyway.)”

  1. Alan Karp Says:

    Could the relative ranking of Congress and lawyers be due to the fact that most members of Congress lawyers?

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