Post season.

What was this stupid game played by men in tights on TV Monday night and where is my baseball?

Oops, technology. Just got an email from Stubhub this morning “San Francisco Giants Postseason Tickets in a Flash – Head to We wanted to give you a heads up that seats are still available.” Well, no doubt game 6 and 7 tickets are cheap…..

Over 5 million are  now without power.  5,000,050 if you count the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers.

Pablo Sandoval, World Series MVP?! So does this mean tacos may be declared a PED?

Hmm, used this joke Saturday, and Jay Leno used almost the same one tonight.   ” Detroit looking like their only hope is to ask President Obama for a bailout.”   (But of course they still don’t think they need any female freelancers.)

A line going around the internet (don’t know who wrote it) is that they should have renamed the storm Hurricane A-Rod, then it wouldn’t have hit anyone.

So much for the country pulling together: The Fed. Govt. is closed for at least 2 days, which may delay the Oct. jobs report. Iowa GOP Rep. Chuck Grassley tweets “Labor Dept says may release latest Unemployment figures until after election. Par for course. Why release something might hurt Obama elect?” Right, clearly the President conjured up Sandy for this purpose.

Chris Christie is praising President Obama for his response so far to Hurricane Sandy. Nice bipartisan statement. And makes sense – I am sure Christie would rather run against Hillary, Biden or Cuomo in 2016 rather than an incumbent Romney.

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie said evacuations are no longer possible, and rescuers won’t be sent out “until daylight tomorrow.” Translation – “Okay idiots, we’ll pick you or your bodies up in the morning.”

(Added Nick Coombs,  “Attention New Jersey residents.  In case of emergency your governor may be used as a floatation device.)

The HMS Bounty, built as a replica tall ship to be used in movies, has sunk off the N.C. coast. Tragic for the two missing crew members but going out in hurricane conditions had to be the dumbest decision since Captain Bligh figured he could handle an angry Fletcher Christian.

49ers fans were glad that their Monday Night Football game was played in Arizona and thus avoided a Hurricane Sandy postponement. New York Jets fans are just wishing Sandy had shown up yesterday morning.

For anyone who doesn’t believe in voodoo, this from ESPN:    “Oct. 9 in Cincinnati. Giants trailed, 2 games to 0 in NLDS. And then, with their entire season on the line, they picked THAT night to get no-hit into the 6th, to get 1 hit in the first 9 innings, to strike out 16 times — and they WON. In extra innings. On an unearned run.”

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One Comment on “Post season.”

  1. Berney Says:

    How fortunate was it that the Giants swept the series. Who knows when they would have played game 5 and then get back to SF with the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. 🙂

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