Ringing in the rain?

Actually there is a National League championship ring.  Though the SF  Giants have hopes for another one.

I  guess down 3 to 1 the Giants really did have the Cardinals right where they wanted them.

The ninth inning of Monday’s NLCS game was played in a serious downpour.   Could have been tears from Fox executives thinking about the ratings for a San Francisco-Detroit World Series?

Why baseball is better than politics: Tonight no spin doctors were  required to say who won.


But good thing tonight’s debate was not a town hall.  Someone might have asked President Obama about his being born in the foreign country of Hawaii.

A Brooklyn man has been charged with running brothels in New York’s Financial District and midtown, catering to men on Wall Street, and charging $260 an hour. Guess $260 an hour was a cheaper option in NY than drinks and dinner?

Lance Armstrong has now vacated so many wins he’s become cycling’s John Calipari.

The BBC is facing major criticism over a potential coverup on a story about Sir Jimmy Saville, a popular children’s TV entertainer who died last year, but who now allegedly abused over 200 children. Who does the BBC think they are? The Catholic Church? Or Penn State?

NY Jets fans are upset because they think the clock operator gave the NE Patriots an extra second before the 2 minute warning yesterday, allowing Tom Brady more time to drive for a game-tying field goal. Oakland Raider fans have a brief response: “Tuck rule. STFU.”

Just a thought about the Lance Armstrong situation. Yes, it’s kind of pathetic at this point. But did we really think, that in a time when almost everyone in cycling was doping, that a cancer survivor was so much better than them all, and still clean?


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6 Comments on “Ringing in the rain?”

  1. Berney Says:

    Awesome game, awesome series. Way to go MVP Scutaro. (Was a favorite of mine when he was with the Redsox). 🙂

  2. marc ragovin Says:

    Mitt Romney performed the opening coin toss at a recent beach volleyball game between his staff members, making this the only gridiron contest in history where both teams kicked off

  3. marc ragovin Says:

    and ps: congrats to you sfg. now that nyy are out i dont care who wins, but good for them

  4. Neal Says:

    Congrats to Giants!
    For awhile there it looked like there could have been Splash Hits inside the stadium.

  5. tc Says:

    What’s the difference between Lance Armstrong and Felix Baumgartner? Felix landed on his feet.

  6. TC Says:

    Carlton Fisk was arrested in New Lenox, IL last night around 7 pm passed out at the wheel in a corn field. Makes sense, it was only 7 pm and he was looking for more corn.

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