Round two

Whatever you think about tonight’s Presidential debate,  there’s probably bi-partisan agreement that both candidates did much better than the New York Yankees.

Do they have a conference call in advance of these debates to coordinate clothes like mothers of the bride and groom?    (Tuesday night Obama had a red tie, Romney had a blue tie.)


Wonder how many casual New York fans though things were looking up for the Yankees because in game three tonight they were facing the Tigers’ #3 starter?

A-Rod and Nick Swisher were not in the Yankees lineup for the ALCS game 3.   Which meant $40 million alone in two players riding the bench. Who knew Aubrey Huff and Barry Zito would ever seem like bargains.


Columbia student Stephan Perez, arrested in 2010 for selling Adderall, described the drug today on NBC’s “Rock Center” as an “academic steroid.” Well, that’s at least one PED that no SEC football players will be accused of using.

Admittedly  I’m biased, but think Obama supporters were both thrilled to see the real Barack show up tonight…and to see the real Mitt show up tonight.

So Mitt Romney has had “binders full of women.” Is that a Mormon thing?

Thieves stole hundreds of mllions of dollars of Picassos, Monets and other works from the Kunsthal museum early Tuesday morning in Rotterdam. The museum said the security was “state of the art,” and that their insurance was “adequate” for the exhibition. Uh, well, at best that’s one out of two.

“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”  (P.T. Barnum)  example for the day:

A Chicago man apparently spent $9,995.00 on Ebay to purchase a gallon of barbecue sauce intended for use on McDonald’s McJordan sandwich in 1992.

Apparently Beyonce will be the half-time entertainment for Super Bowl 2013. Isn’t she too young?

From Marc Ragovin:   “At a recent Jay-Z concert to open the Barclay Center, all attendees were subjected to a metal detector scan, while two days later, at the Barbra Streisand concert, all attendees were subjected to a bone density scan.

The Colorado Rockies are apparently talking to Jason Giambi, who hasn’t even retired yet, about managing their team. Gosh, putting someone so inexperienced in charge could result in the team losing almost 100 games. Oops, never mind.

I’m against politicizing either event, but have to wonder why none of these people who insist on blaming Obama for Ambassador Steven’s death in Benghazi ever thought Bush should be blamed at all for 9-11?

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3 Comments on “Round two”

  1. tc Says:

    Mike Vick now has a dog. His kids immediately taught it to play dead.

  2. GaryM Says:

    “So Mitt Romney has had “binders full of women.” Is that a Mormon thing?”

    Is he overcompensating?

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