Better to be lucky than good?

The San Francisco Giants came into game three of the NLDS hitting .143 as a team for the postseason.  And their batting average tonight went DOWN.  (3 for 32.)  And they didn’t have a hit with a runner in scoring position.  And they won 2-1.

Not only does good pitching beat good hitting, good pitching (and bad opposition fielding) bails out awful hitting.

This is the weirdest survival story with no hits since Taylor Hicks.

Normally when a team wins with as little offense as the SF Giants displayed tonight, penalty kicks are involved.

Heck,  President Obama got more hits on Mitt Romney last Wednesday than the SF Giants have gotten so far this postseason.

Maybe not exactly the headline they were hoping for. Stacey Dash has come out supporting the GOP Presidential ticket. And the headline reads “Clueless star supporting Romney.”‘

A dance instructor has been arrested and charged with running a prostitution business out of her studio in Kennebuckport, Maine, where the Bush family has their summer compound. Can we call it a “trickle-down/economic stimulus?”

A UC Berkeley policeman is recovering in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries after accidentally shooting himself in the leg.  If he doesn’t make it back on the force maybe he can audition for a tryout with the NY Jets as a wide receiver?

Biggest problem with Jerry Sandusky’s 30 to 60 year prison sentence? It didn’t start 30 years earlier.

According to a L.A. Daily News columnist, when USC WR Robert Wood took a shot to the head last week, he had to answer 3 questions before returning: 1. Who is the current president? 2. What is today’s date? 3. What is 100 minus seven, minus seven, minus seven? Wow, those questions could bench half the players in the SEC.

Katy Perry and John Mayer have broken up, again. Even Brett Favre is saying “kids, make up your minds.”

Fully expect numbers to bounce all over the place between now and November 6. But really, all this hype over people who have enough time on their hands that they don’t hang up on pollsters?

Now the political hype switches to the V.P.  debate. Where a win is so critically important. Just ask Vice President Lloyd Bentsen.

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