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No joy in Bronxville.

October 14, 2012

The worst things for Yankee fans about Jeter’s injury: 1. It was him and not A-Rod. 2. It’s too late in the year to go out and buy a replacement player.

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland said early Sunday that Jose Valerde wouldn’t close tonight’s game. Well, not like he closed last night’s game either.

Felix Baumgartner landed safely today after a record-breaking jump from the stratosphere – 24 miles high. And somewhere Darwin is saying, “Missed it by that much…”


Arlen Specter died today at the age of 82. He had been well-known for years as a moderate Republican. Many younger people don’t remember Specter. Still others don’t remember moderate Republicans.


Angry Stanford fans got some vindication today when former NFL vice president of officiating  Mike Pereira said today of the play where Stefan Taylor was supposedly stopped to end the game:  “I’ve looked at the play from every angle, and I think the call should have been reversed to a touchdown. ”   (He also questioned a late personal foul call on Stanford.)

Can we say it’s not whining if the grapes really are sour?


Washington Nationals fans are still furious at the team for shutting down Stephen Strasburg in September. But SF Giants fans are beginning to wonder if their team shouldn’t have done the same with Madison Bumgarner.



Ah creative capitalism at its finest: An Orlando radio station is putting up big billboards promising “No political ads.”

Giving Jim Harbaugh control of the challenge flags is like giving a 16 year old boy the keys to your Ferrari.

David Axelrod suggested today that in the next debate President Obama would be “more aggressive.” Uh, while I didn’t think Barack did THAT badly, would it be possible to be less aggressive without being clinically dead?



The Space Shuttle Endeavour ended up taking 17 hours longer than scheduled to make it to its final home in at the California Science Center. Are we sure American Airlines wasn’t somehow involved?

Tampa’s Aqib Talib was suspended 4 games without pay for taking an Adderall pill without a prescription. So was he suspended because it was a PED, or because he was too stupid to get a prescription. “Oh look, a puppy…”

From Marc Ragovin:  Now that Lance Armsrtong is retired, he doesn’t take PEDs. But it woudn’t be too difficult for him to start doping again. I mean, its like riding a bicycle.