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Beaten LA

December 21, 2019

Rams had 49ers twice third and 16 in final drive and couldn’t even force them to 4th down. LA richly deserves their January off.

(And if If Taylor Rapp had been on Rams in 2018, even refs couldn’t have kept Saints out of Super Bowl. But I’m not bitter.)

Aww, Darren Sproles is retiring. Wishing him the best. Always one of my favorites. I mean when you look up to Drew Brees. And I mean really look UP to him. (Sproles is 5’6″)
In terms of growing fan bases, putting games the weekend before Christmas only on NFL Network is almost as stupid as MLB playing World Series games only at night when it’s too late for children to watch.
Meanwhile, in men’s college basketball, #18 Villanova upset #1 Kansas, 56-55.  So some unhappy Jayhawks fans and no doubt many bettors. But hey, since there’s a REAL tournament and both teams will make it, these kind of exciting games happen midseason.

Take note, college football.


SO many Shen Yun ads, on TV and now FB, almost wondering, is Shen Yun a billionaire running for President?
Lindsey Graham has actually called Trump out for Donald’s attack on John Dingell, saying “This is not funny, Mr. President.” How long until Graham decides, actually, it was hilarious?
Trump spoke at rally for young conservatives today in West Palm Beach where he called his critics “the dumbest people on earth. Rush Limbaugh spoke first ““Climate change is a hoax. Don’t believe it.”
Your reminder that Florida is projected to be the first state underwater.
While I joke, I am in awe of stamina shown by candidates like Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and yes, even Bernie Sanders campaigning so hard in these early primary states. America deserves a President who will work that hard for us, not try to buy us.

Bowling for what?

December 21, 2019

There were two College Bowl football games Friday, with SEVEN scheduled tomorrow. And if you can name more than one  or two of them, and/or the teams involved, and you aren’t an alum of a school involved, you just might need a life.


The Golden State Warriors without Steph Curry beat the New Orleans Pelicans without Zion Williamson tonight 106-102.

I’ll take “games that sounded a lot more interesting when they drew up the schedule” for $400, Alex.”

Steelers waived safety Kameron Kelly, 23, after he was arrested outside a bar after altercation that apparently started when Kelly “threatened to knock out a bar employee after his music choice was skipped on the jukebox.” Most 23 year-olds are going “jukebox?

On a nonpolitical note seems like from reviews of #Cats movie that two hours would be better (and more cheaply) spent by watching actual cat videos.

So as Trump has authorized $2 billion for “Space Force, ” did he consider asking Michael Jordan to head it?

Kevin Costner will endorse Pete Buttigieg tomorrow at an Iowa Town Hall. Not in Dyersville at the Field of Dreams site??? Well, at least the event won’t be held in a wine cave.

How much does it drive Trump crazy that Melania’s 13 year-old son is taller than he is?

Ivanka says her father is “energized” by impeachment. Right. Any of us who drink diet sodas probably have a memory of guzzling too many of them and ending up on a major jittery caffeine buzz.

So who’s going to tell Trump you don’t impeach a Speaker of the House?

Are we shocked that Trump attacked Christianity Today? Amazed Donald hasn’t attacked Jesus as a radical leftist Socialist.

Trump today called Christianity Today a “far-left magazine.” Oh please oh please can someone read him some passages about love and humility and poor people so Donald can make a similar statement about the Bible?

Trump in his rant about Christianity Today says “I won’t be reading ET again!” “ET?” Uh, Donnie, Eric, and Ivanka, phone home. Your dad is sundowning early.

“This is a global Watergate. In the case of Watergate, a paranoid president facing election looked for dirt on a political opponent. He did it by getting people to break in. This president did it by calling a foreign leader to look for dirt on a political opponent.”   Amy Klobuchar

More than one thing at once…

December 19, 2019

So yeah, I was obsessively following Democratic Debate all night. But also have noticed Spurs making a great late game comeback to beat Nets. Women can multitask. Elect more of us.

Projected top NBA pick James Wiseman, currently suspended 12 games over an NCAA investigation, has withdrawn from Memphis and declared for the draft.  Well, the Tigers were only 2-1 in the Wiseman era.

Wonder how long  it will take for Wiseman to declare his time at Memphis some of the best weeks of his life.

So did USDA add then remove Wakanda as a trade partner because Trump preferred better relations with Gilead?

Yeah, I’m biased at this point but Amy Klobuchar’s answer on impeachment should be a campaign commercial. One of the best cases for impeachment I have heard from a Democrat. #GlobalWatergate

All these talk of how tonight’s Democratic Debate is the least diverse…. Uh, at this point we’ve had more Presidents of color than we’ve had Presidents who are women.
And there are two women on the stage tonight.

Tom Steyer wants to take credit for impeachment. While at the same time, once House actually started impeachment proceedings Steyer stopped spending money on impeachment ads in favor of ads for himself.

Not a Tom Steyer fan, but he is right on this one. Trump is not against immigration. He is against immigration by non-white people.

Elizabeth Warren when told she’d be the oldest person ever inaugurated. She responded “But I’d be the youngest woman.” Well played.

So mentioning Trump’s youngest son in a sentence causes GOP to clutch their pearls, but implying a beloved ex-Congressman is in Hell is just “riffing?” Are we great yet?

Trump latest fundraising email praises Jeff Van Drew, “I’m PROUD to announce that he is officially the newest member of the Republican Party.”
Since Van Drew is all about saving his own a**, and is in a purple district, too soon to start a pool on when he will do something Donald doesn’t like thus prompting a twitter attack?

Well, of course Jeff Van Drew told Trump he has his “undying support.” We all know how much Donald values loyalty and reciprocates it.

Trump says tonight “I want an immediate trial!” Fine, then show up with witnesses. And take the stand. #impeachment

How desperate was Trump today? He’s retweeting a picture of him inappropriately hugging a flag, and a MAGA tweet complimenting him from September 2018. #Sad

Fight on and off

December 19, 2019

USC’s recruiting class is ranked last in Pac 12 and from 74th to 85th in all of college football. Did Clay Hilton use as a consultant Lori Loughlin?

Ouch, Washington Wizards led 93-75 with 8:21 left in the fourth and lost 110-109 in OT to the Chicago Bulls.  Or as Trump calls it, a great win. Anything else is Fake News.


As we head into NFL week 16, this from the very funny Hartley Miller  “A new survey says the average American wakes up grumpy 300 days of the year. Make that 365 days if your name is Bill Belichick”

Thought I have to ask  – is  “waking up Grumpy, the job that Melania delegates to the Secret Service when Donald oversleeps?”

Bed Bath & Beyond just announced the departure of six members of its executive team. Assume the company will at least will give all six a 20% store discount for life?

Anybody but me getting to the point when you see wines advertised as “age until at least 2030-40” and thinking “as if my tastebuds will be able to tell the difference in 20-30 years?”

Trump quoting Ken Starr on impeachment. “The evidence has to be overwhelming, and it is not. It’s not even close.” Is it too late for the Democrats to call as a witness Stormy Daniels?

Trump’s actions toward Biden resulted in impeachable offenses. But does anyone think Donald hasn’t committed crimes trying to get dirt on any of his other potential 2020 rivals?

Tulsi Gabbard voted “Present” on Impeaching Trump. Leaving everything else aside, she honestly thinks Americans might elect her to make hard choices?
Trump rally in Battle Creek tonight. Makes sense, his coloring looks as natural as an orange Fruit Loop. #Kelloggs

Donald Trump at his cult rally tonight “I could have Barron Trump go into Central Park and he’d get a crowd. He’d get a bigger crowd,” than Elizabeth Warren. Uh, Melania,  think we have a exploitation of a “13 year old who wants and deserves privacy” alert. #BeBest

GOP comparing Trump’s impeachment to the crucifixion of Jesus and Pearl Harbor. What’s next, they’ll say it’s as bad as someone saying “Happy Holidays?”

Wonder if someone in GOP was going to compare impeaching Trump to clubbing baby seals until they remembered that Don Jr, probably thinks that’s sport?

Drew dat

December 17, 2019
Sometimes people ask why I am a Saints fan. I ask, how can you not be? #WhoDat
Tweet from @drewbrees
I am so grateful for New Orleans and the #whodatnation. We have shared many amazing moments together, and last night was very special. Thank you for being part of this journey. We are not done yet!




RIP legendary College Football coach Hayden Fry, 90.
After he was fired from SMU in 1972 he had one of my all-time favorite lines .
“I won’t say goodbye because it sounds so final, I won’t say farewell because it sounds so trite. But I’ve pinned a sprig of mistletoe to my coat tails, and as I leave, you’ll get the message.”

With all the games already this season where the outcome was changed by bad calls, does anyone really think we’ll get through NFL playoffs without another major referee game-changing mistake?

NFL suspended Josh Gordon “indefinitely” for violating league’s policies on PED’s and substances of abuse. So, sadly, congratulations to all those who had Dec 16 in the pool.

In Northern England, a man sprayed the inside of his car with apparently a  lot of air freshener, then lit a cigarette. The car exploded.   (He received only minor injuries)

Your move, Florida.

After today’s letter from Trump to Pelosi will they change “Hail to the Chief” to “poor poor pitiful me?”

As unfair as the Salem Witch Trials were to the women accused, if McConnell gets his way the Senate impeachment trial will be more unfair to democracy.

As Trump takes his number of tweet rants up over 100 a day, has he forgotten that he and GOP have been doing their best to discourage actual reading?


WTAF? Trump calls himself a “very successful (Economy Plus) President of the United States.” As a travel agent can tell you almost no one really loves Economy Plus, it’s same lousy coach seats on United a few inches further apart for up to $250 more per flight.

More on  “Economy Plus”. Does the stable genius realize United was losing so much business to other airlines w/ actual upgraded mid-class seats that they came out w/ “Premium Plus”, a separate mid-class cabin. Can’t wait until USA can upgrade to at least a Premium Plus President!

Bye bye Black Hole

December 16, 2019


So as the Raiders prepare to leave Oakland again, too soon to lay odds on how long until Las Vegas doesn’t want them either?

Unhappiest people who aren’t 49er fans after Atlanta Falcons not only came back to take a 23-22 lead with two seconds to go, but scored another touchdown and won 29-22 when San Francisco fumbled during a  series of laterals during the ensuing kickoff -anyone who bet the under. (Which closed at 49.)

Three interceptions for Bengals QB Andy Dalton today. Almost like the Patriots knew what was coming. Oh wait, maybe they did. #Spygate2

Seriously, Hallmark, in an era when so many people just do online cards or send wishes on social media, you really want to antagonize all LGBTQ folks and most of the American card-buying public by caving to a few homophobes? 

(and after I wrote this, Hallmark apparently figured this out too and apologized and put the ads back.)

Diamondbacks at least better than the Dodgers. #MadisonBumgarner #ForeverGiant


Just thinking Farhan Zaidi is not going to be the most popular person if he decides to show up in the stands at SF Giants games in 2020.

At this time Ted Cruz has become such a #Cult45 member that he’d probably make excuses if Donald’s threatened Canada unless Trudeau produced evidence that Rafael Cruz did help kill JFK.

Whatever is preventing Donald Trump from golfing these days, it sure is making him cranky.

Trump tweeted about  Nancy Pelosi saying she was crazy and had teeth falling out.  Since with Donald everything is projection, I have to assume he’s having serious trouble with his dentures.


Donnie Jr. tweeting on Jeff van Drew “So great to see someone willing to put party politics aside and call balls and strikes when they see them.” (Like Mitt Romney earlier this year?) This quote will age well…

Mickey Mouse Organization?

December 15, 2019

Anthony Rendon, after signing with the Angels, said he liked the Dodgers organizationally but that “the Hollywood lifestyle” of L.A. “didn’t seem like it would be a fit for us as a family.”
Well, good thing Rendon isn’t going to be anywhere near the theme park associated with the biggest movie studio in America.

Last four Spurs games.
W135-133 2OT over Houston
W105-104 OT over Sacramento
L117-109 OT to Cleveland
W121-119 OT over Phoenix
Can Pop maybe tell San Antonio that basketball games are supposed to end after 4 quarters.

All these “last chance” online sales with shipping to get gifts by Christmas, on December 14. When we know that merchants will keep doing these ads for a week, or more. It’s like a parent saying “If you do this again next time you’ll be punished, really.”

Hallmark Channel pulled ads from wedding planner website Zola, after “One Million Moms”, a conservative group, complained after one of Zola’s ads featured a lesbian couple, with mostly heterosexual wedding guests, who actually kissed during their ceremony.

Uh, isn’t outrage over two women kissing on TV so 1990s?

Would love to hear one member of the so-called One Million Moms explain how they think it’s worse for their children to see two women kiss than to hear POTUS talk about grabbing women by the p*ssy.


If rumors are true that NJ Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who might lose his Democratic primary challenge, is switching parties to become a Republican, there’s just one question. What did Trump offer him?


From end of SNL cold open spoofing family Christmas political discussions – “all three families had one important thing in common… none of them live in the three states that will decide our election. They’ll debate the issues all year long but then it all comes down to 1,000 people in Wisconsin who won’t even think about the election until the morning of. And that’s the magic of the Electoral College.”
This would be funnier if it weren’t possibly true.

Who says there’s no diversity in the Democratic party. Why, over on Twitter today alone I’ve followed back people who identify as Dodgers, Yankees, Buckeyes and even Patriots fans. Not to mention one resister who says he only “tolerates” cats.