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Half an upset?

December 7, 2019

Whole lot of fans of two-loss teams right now thinking Badgers had them stay up late and got there College Football Playoff hopes up for nothing. 

(21-7 Wisconsin over Ohio State at halftime,   34-21 Ohio State win.)

Your reminder that the 10-2 Oregon Ducks have no chance for the playoffs. (And I’m not an Oregon fan.) . Had they only, instead of opening against Auburn, done like Alabama and scheduled a powerhouse like Western Carolina.
Here’s a thought, how about if every team that gets into CFB Playoffs is required to schedule a new non-conference top 25 opponent within next 2-3 years. Yes, I’m talking to you SEC and ACC.
Not that the Tigers, 13-0 aren’t a good team.  Clemson, 13-0, had an easier path to the playoffs this year than any team not named the Dallas Cowboys.
Every time I see a Michael Bloomberg ad my first thought is of all the other useful thingss he could be doing  politically for the country with that money.
(state and local elections, voter registration, election security…)
You think you have a tough job, how’d you like to be writers at Saturday Night  who  spent  the  week   trying  to top Trump’s  “10-15  flushes” line.
Given Trump’s fixation on toilets anyone but me curious to hear what it’s like being the White House plumber?
If Trump were really losing money as President, he’d be having Fox and Friends doing regular nightly segments on his tax returns. Period.
Trump on Rudy’s Giuliani’s latest trip to the Ukraine, “He says he has a lot of good information…I hear he has found plenty.” What like, Obama’s birth certificate?
Maybe it’s just me but in the “if you see something say something” category I’d put mass shooting videos at a dinner party.
As White House reiterates Trump’s refusal to testify or anything else in impeachment hearings,  wonder what GOP would have done if instead of testifying for 11 hours Hillary Clinton refused “to participate in that sham hearing” on Benghazi?