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Beaten LA

December 21, 2019

Rams had 49ers twice third and 16 in final drive and couldn’t even force them to 4th down. LA richly deserves their January off.

(And if If Taylor Rapp had been on Rams in 2018, even refs couldn’t have kept Saints out of Super Bowl. But I’m not bitter.)

Aww, Darren Sproles is retiring. Wishing him the best. Always one of my favorites. I mean when you look up to Drew Brees. And I mean really look UP to him. (Sproles is 5’6″)
In terms of growing fan bases, putting games the weekend before Christmas only on NFL Network is almost as stupid as MLB playing World Series games only at night when it’s too late for children to watch.
Meanwhile, in men’s college basketball, #18 Villanova upset #1 Kansas, 56-55.  So some unhappy Jayhawks fans and no doubt many bettors. But hey, since there’s a REAL tournament and both teams will make it, these kind of exciting games happen midseason.

Take note, college football.


SO many Shen Yun ads, on TV and now FB, almost wondering, is Shen Yun a billionaire running for President?
Lindsey Graham has actually called Trump out for Donald’s attack on John Dingell, saying “This is not funny, Mr. President.” How long until Graham decides, actually, it was hilarious?
Trump spoke at rally for young conservatives today in West Palm Beach where he called his critics “the dumbest people on earth. Rush Limbaugh spoke first ““Climate change is a hoax. Don’t believe it.”
Your reminder that Florida is projected to be the first state underwater.
While I joke, I am in awe of stamina shown by candidates like Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and yes, even Bernie Sanders campaigning so hard in these early primary states. America deserves a President who will work that hard for us, not try to buy us.

Bowling for what?

December 21, 2019

There were two College Bowl football games Friday, with SEVEN scheduled tomorrow. And if you can name more than one  or two of them, and/or the teams involved, and you aren’t an alum of a school involved, you just might need a life.


The Golden State Warriors without Steph Curry beat the New Orleans Pelicans without Zion Williamson tonight 106-102.

I’ll take “games that sounded a lot more interesting when they drew up the schedule” for $400, Alex.”

Steelers waived safety Kameron Kelly, 23, after he was arrested outside a bar after altercation that apparently started when Kelly “threatened to knock out a bar employee after his music choice was skipped on the jukebox.” Most 23 year-olds are going “jukebox?

On a nonpolitical note seems like from reviews of #Cats movie that two hours would be better (and more cheaply) spent by watching actual cat videos.

So as Trump has authorized $2 billion for “Space Force, ” did he consider asking Michael Jordan to head it?

Kevin Costner will endorse Pete Buttigieg tomorrow at an Iowa Town Hall. Not in Dyersville at the Field of Dreams site??? Well, at least the event won’t be held in a wine cave.

How much does it drive Trump crazy that Melania’s 13 year-old son is taller than he is?

Ivanka says her father is “energized” by impeachment. Right. Any of us who drink diet sodas probably have a memory of guzzling too many of them and ending up on a major jittery caffeine buzz.

So who’s going to tell Trump you don’t impeach a Speaker of the House?

Are we shocked that Trump attacked Christianity Today? Amazed Donald hasn’t attacked Jesus as a radical leftist Socialist.

Trump today called Christianity Today a “far-left magazine.” Oh please oh please can someone read him some passages about love and humility and poor people so Donald can make a similar statement about the Bible?

Trump in his rant about Christianity Today says “I won’t be reading ET again!” “ET?” Uh, Donnie, Eric, and Ivanka, phone home. Your dad is sundowning early.

“This is a global Watergate. In the case of Watergate, a paranoid president facing election looked for dirt on a political opponent. He did it by getting people to break in. This president did it by calling a foreign leader to look for dirt on a political opponent.”   Amy Klobuchar