Sweet.  Alabama will be Home for College Football playoffs.

And how long until Nick Saban argues for THREE SEC teams in those playoffs.

Amy Klobuchar is a  BIG Minnesota football fan. On a brighter note at least she won’t have to antagonize any West Coast Democrats by pulling for Golden Gophers in Rose Bowl.    (Thanks, Wisconsin.)

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney is whining, again, that his team is being unfairly held to a different standard in the playoffs. And that standard has cost the Tigers so many potential national championships. Uh, wait, never mind.


A crazy college football thought, what if any team that received a bid into CFB Playoff  was REQUIRED as a condition of the bid to schedule a nonconference game as soon as possible with a power opponent?




Less than half of Americans eligible to vote voted in 2016.  So maybe if we gave the winning candidate “the final rose” would more people make the effort?


Meanwhile 53% of Republicans say Trump is a better President than Lincoln.  Of course have to wonder, how many of that 53% think Lincoln was a Democrat?

Trump and GOP solution to ACA is like fixing a leaky roof by tearing down the house.

Trump and USDA under Sonny Perdu wants to tighten work rules for SNAP program, claiming it will restore “the dignity of work.”   Right, because so many Americans say they WOULD go get good jobs, but they don’t want to give up their luxurious life with a little over $100 a person a month average in food stamps.


Another US shooting, tonight in New Orleans, with (so far at time of writing) 11 victims but no fatalities.  So just how long is it again until we can talk about gun control?

And when we talk about the MOST important US challenge, and we face so many challenges, climate change, healthcare, income inequality, education…. If we don’t have election security NONE of them will be addressed.

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