Ur-ine trouble now.

In Ole Miss-  Mississippi State “Egg Bowl” rivalry game,   an Ole Miss receiver caught a touchdown pass late in 4th quarter to pull the game to within 21-20.  He then got on his knees, lifted a leg, and pretended to urinate in the end-zone. The Rebels were given a 15 yard penalty and missed the potential game tying extra point.

What a pisser.

Cowboys Jerry Jones told reporters on coach Jason Garrett. “It would give us zero chance (for the Super Bowl) if we didn’t have him.”
As opposed to the zero chance Dallas has with him?

After Saints are done celebrating NFC South Championship think it is just possible Sean Payton may have some extra onside kick recovery practice.

(Falcons were down 31-18 and managed to recover  TWO,  actually three when one was reserved by a penalty, onside kicks in last four minutes of the game.)

At least 17 New England Patriots listed as questionable vs. Houston Texans Sunday, 10 with “flu-like” symptoms.

Well, this poses some interesting questions.  Primarily, so what kind of penalties will NFL refs have to call against the Texans to get Patriots a win THIS time?


Awful attack in London, but in this case, the bad guy with a knife, was really stopped by good guys without guns. Or any weapons.  Except their own courage.  (Then after civilians had taken down the attacking, British police ultimately fatally shot him.

And for all those saying it would have been different in the USA with armed bystanders. Yeah, probably several people whipping out guns and probably either shooting each other or MORE bystanders.

And this was the tweet from Larry the Cat, who lives at Downing Street.

Police officers, paramedics and members of the public made their way towards someone who was looking to do them harm, so that they could help others in need. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and mourn those not going home tonight. #LondonBridge
Is there some way to vote in Larry as Prime Minister?
Fox’s Pete Hegseth: Hong Kong Protesters Look at Trump and ‘They See Rocky Balboa’ Uh, except that Donald practically had to be forced to sign the pro-democracy legislation. Facts have a liberal bias.
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