Rolling out the tanks?

SF Giants nontender Kevin Pillar, who led team in HR, RBI, SB, etc, started almost every game, and won Willie Mac award as most inspirational player.
For first time I wondered tonight, Giants have a lot of us who bought charter seats when ballpark opened, have the rights to those seats for life pretty cheaply in retrospect. Wonder if they are hoping fans give up and they can resell at higher prices when team is decent and fun again?

On a brighter note for SF Giants season ticket holders with the team apparently embracing tanking in 2020. At least potential local single-game ticket buyers won’t have spent their yearly sports budget on Warriors tickets.

Snow was falling so hard during #Packers #Giants game that MetLife staff had to shovel the yard-lines during breaks. No wonder Green Bay won big. Aaron Rodgers and company must have thought it was a home game.

NBC can thank the Atlanta Falcons for no one turning off Sunday night football with Patriots down 21-3 late in the 3rd quarter. 


Joe Sestak on Sunday dropped out of the 2020 Democratic Presidential race. Okay, forget supporters, how many people knew he was running?

(repeat same tweet almost for Steve Bullock.)


Something else about Michael Bloomberg. He said he wasn’t running. Now he says he thinks he has to run. The other candidates haven’t changed….is he saying he made a major mistake in evaluating them? And if so, how do we expect him to evaluate our foreign allies & enemies.

Trump seems so obsessed with Lisa Page you’d almost think he hit on her and she turned him down.

Trump’s lawyer Cipollone told Judiciary Committee they do “not intend to participate in your Wednesday hearing.” And accused Nadler of “no doubt purposely” scheduling hearing while Trump will be in London for NATO. Thinking if Donald actually would show up House would find a day and time.

So she’s had to deal with her second son’s major public f*ck up and now she has to host another event for Donald Trump. Sometimes it s*cks to be Queen.

GOP Rep Ben Cline compared Trump to Luke Skywalker “May the Farce be With You?”


Tucker Carlson tonight “I think we should probably take the side of Russia if we have to choose between Russia and Ukraine.” Well, duh, Ukraine isn’t paying him.

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