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Star power

July 9, 2019

Only an All-Star game but Clayton Kershaw was in post-season form.


A question to MLB You put together an All Star Game with the best players in baseball. But you let Joe Buck announce it?

As a fan of good pitching I enjoy this All-Star game. But guessing many casual fans would prefer instead of great pitchers that MLB used instead the Mets and Nationals bullpens.

Rob Manfred “”Baseball has done nothing, given no direction for an alteration in the baseball. The flaw in logic is that baseball wants more home runs. If you sat in owners meetings and listen to people on how the game is played, that is not a sentiment among the owners for whom I work.”
Maybe he means that is not “a” sentiment, it is “THE” sentiment.


Family values alert  –  Trump’s Doral golf resort in Florida will have a golf tournament Saturday put on by a Miami-area strip club. Golfers will be able to pay for a dancer to serve as their “caddy girl” while they play, then they can enjoy a burlesque show afterwards.

Wonder if the dancers have a minimum age?

Billionaire and 1992 third-party Presidential candidate Ross Perot, 89, has passed away. Will he show up at the pearly gates explaining why he should get in using charts?

When the PROOF comes out that Acosta should never have made the deal with Epstein, how long until Trump says “Chose him for my cabinet because he begged me, barely knew the guy?” Dibs on “less than 24 hours.”

Your reminder, not only did Epstein lawyer Ken Starr prosecute Bill Clinton over a blow-job, he was fired as President of Baylor for covering up sexual assaults by football players.

Tom Steyer announces he is running for President to “end the hostile corporate takeover of our democracy.” So instead he wants to continue the billionaire takeover of our democracy?


Julie K. Brown of the Miami Herald worked hard for a long time on the story that may bring down Jeffrey Epstein, along with many of his bad hombre friends. Want to thank her? Subscribe to a newspaper. Or two.

Outta here.

July 8, 2019

Pete Alonso wins Home Run Derby. So will his REAL prize be getting traded from the Mets?

And what’s really amazing about Alonso’s win today, he didn’t get to try to hit any of those home runs against the Mets bullpen.

More than 3 million more Americans watched Women’s World Cup final than watched last men’s World Cup final. So maybe we should pay them MORE?

Just a heads-up, if you liked Trump’s feud with Women’s World Cup championship team, wait until US Men’s Basketball team starts playing for FIBA World Cup in August. Coach of the team? Gregg Popovich.

Couldn’t stomach the idea of watching Trump environmental speech but did he say how he was going to cure windmill cancer?


Very confused. Eric Swalwell isn’t in the Democratic race anymore. So who didn’t give him a rose?

Trump says he will ‘no longer deal’ with the UK’s ambassador to the US after diplomatic cables calling Donald “insecure” and “inept” were leaked to the media.

So what happens if politicians and leaders from countries who Trump has insulted  decide they will “no longer deal” with him?

‘Rick Perry today said Trump’s 4th of July speech was “one of the greatest history lessons that I’ve ever seen before”‘
Your reminder that Perry actually DID graduate from Texas A&M, with a Bachelor’s in “animal science.”

Just how arrogant is Epstein? Even after getting the incredibly sweet and probably illegal plea deal, he still keeps a stash of nude pictures of underage girls at his mansion. Lock him up. For a LONG time.

Ivanka Trump had a scheduled meeting today with British International Trade Secretary Liam Fox.
Before she became First Lady, Hillary Clinton was a partner in a law firm, chair of Children’s Defense Fund, and on several corporate boards including Wal-Mart etc. And remember how GOP went nonlinear when Bill said in electing him, the nation would “get two for the price of one?”


Very confused. Eric Swalwell isn’t in the Democratic race anymore. So who didn’t give him a rose?

You go girls.

July 7, 2019

How many girls and women are going to dye their hair purple tomorrow?


“I believe … that a whole generation of girls and boys will go out and play and say things like, ‘I want to be like Megan Rapinoe when I grow up’ and that they’ll be inspired to talk and win and stand up for themselves …”
Well played, Nike.

But yeah, Money talks. Thinking I’m ready to buy about any product that hires US Women’s National Soccer team as endorsers.

You know Trump was rooting for the Netherlands.

Took Trump a  few hours to congratulate  US Women’s National Team on World Cup win, but guessing we can wait a LONG time before he congratulates US Men’s National team for being Gold Cup runners-up.  To Mexico.

As we enter All-Star Break – Who’d a thunk that right now the player SF Giants wish they had on their 2019 team is not Bryce Harper but Hunter Pence?

Five people hurt during today’s running of the bulls today in Pamplona. How do you say “I want a Darwin award in Spanish?”

Even though his girlfriend wouldn’t press charges, MLB suspended Phillies outfielder Odúbel Herrera for rest of season for violating league’s domestic violence policy.
Wonder how many star young two-sport athletes will hear this story and decide to focus on football instead.

Mississippi just made referring to a plant-based product as a “veggie burger” or “vegetarian hot dog” punishable by jail time. So what happens if you eat a veggie burger after visiting Planned Parenthood? Death penalty?


So Disney has released a short trailer for their live action “Mulan”. They are using an Asian woman to play the lead role but guessing if she were white the same people losing their collective sh*t over a black Little Mermaid would be rather quiet.

Heck, thinking the same  snowflakes who are upset about a black woman playing Little Mermaid would be just fine with a white Pocahontas.

Difference between Democrats and Republicans. If it comes out that both Clinton and Trump were involved with Epstein, Dems will be sad but condemn him. GOP will condemn SDNY or the girls involved.

How long until Trump tweets that he doesn’t know Jeffrey Epstein?

Tea’d off?

July 5, 2019

Not a big soccer fan but got to say, I’m enjoying this US women’s team more and more. Alex Morgan ” – You see men celebrating all over the world in big tournaments, grabbing their sacks or whatever it is. And when I look at sipping a cup of tea, I am a little taken aback by the criticism.”

Admittedly didn’t hear much of Trump’s speech. But it must have been inspiring to hear about George Washington piloting a stealth bomber across the Delaware.

Continental Airlines is no more, but all the times I got delayed at their Newark Airport hub, I clearly should have reminded myself of the brave men of the Continental Army who fought there.


I just want to know, do DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) members now get credit for their ancestors’ frequent flier miles?

Oh please, oh please, when we get to Presidential debates next year can someone ask both Trump and his Democratic challenger an American History question?

Since GOP is so silent about Trump’s possible plan to change the census by Executive Order, trust they will have no problem when next Democratic President issues her Executive Orders.

Trump tweeted sympathy over the death of billionaire Chris Cline and his daughter in a helicopter accident. And yes, that’s sad. On other hand, California didn’t vote for Donald by several million votes, but places like Ridgecrest in Kern County are very red. So where’s the sympathy, thoughts and prayers? Guess no Ridgecrest residents were rich enough to be major donors?

Meanwhile NBA elected to suspend, then end Summer League game between Pelicans and Knicks tonight in 4th quarter with New Orleans leading 80-74.
Of course, being Vegas this result actually probably upset people who had money on the game.

As Trump considers an executive order to add citizenship question to 2020 census, I’m sure we’ll be hearing from all those “Constitutional Conservatives” in the GOP, right?

Will they have the medal bronzed?

July 5, 2019

Women’s World Cup has a third place game Saturday morning scheduled between England and Sweden.

While I love good competition regardless of sports, imagine for example a Super Bowl consolation game this February between the Saints and the Chiefs?

As All-Star rosters get finalized, some controversy over the idea that all teams should have an All-Star. But to be fair, not only is it about fans in every city getting a chance to cheer, showcasing players from all teams gives teams like the Yankees a chance to do easy trade-deadline shopping.


I understand Fox News and Trump claiming there was a great crowd today in DC at the Lincoln Memorial.

And no doubt plenty of money was paid by corporate donors  who wouldn’t show their faces.  But as sports fans know, plenty teams claim sellouts with lots of empty seats.

Attendance for Trump speech in DC actually looked like a Marlins crowd, only smaller.

The audio-animatronic Trump at Walt Disney World would have given a more inspiring and life-like speech.


Since I only caught snippets of Trump teleprompter speech I am confused: When George Washington crossed the Delaware what plane did he fly on?

But makes sense, if as Trump said  Americans seized airports from the British during the Revolutionary War, maybe that explains why the Brits enact such retribution form us regularly at Heathrow.

In all seriousness, does anyone think Trump had actually read any of the US history he spoke about before he read it today on the teleprompter?

Apparently some Trump supporters are cheering today’s California earthquake. Uh, do they realize that Kern County is one of the REDDEST part of the state?
Sharing this story about my aunt, who over 20 years ago wanted me to move to Ridgecrest because she thought the town needed a good travel agent. My response started with “Aunt Suzie, for politics alone I couldn’t live where you do.”
And her comeback “Janice, there are 50 Democrats in town, I know them all. How many friends do you need?


Go fourth?

July 3, 2019


SF Giants have 4th of July off.

Until about a week ago, that would have been cause for fans to celebrate.

Good news for SF Giants fans, Giants hit back-to-back home runs for first time this season.
Bad news for SF Giants fans, Giants hit back-to-back home runs for FIRST time this season.

And yet, Giants, along with any team not named the Marlins, are within 5 games of an NL wild card berth.


Not sure where Kawhi Leonard will sign.  Heck, not even sure he’ll bother to tell us when he does.


RIP Arte Johnson. Damn. Another piece of my twisted childhood gone. Well, comedy heaven just got VERRRRRRY interesting.

Bummer. Massive fire at Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky with as many as 40,000 barrels of bourbon potentially lost. So which hipster bar will be the first to create a flaming bourbon cocktail?


A hearse driver in Nevada was pulled over driving solo in the carpool lane, and was let off with a warning  when he said he had a corpse in back.

But  while we’re talking carpool lanes, shouldn’t any woman who thinks she might be as much as a week pregnant claim GOP says they are able to use them?


AOC said guards in a Trump camp suggested a woman “drink from the toilet.” Rush Limbaugh today suggested drinking toilet water is ‘a step up’ for migrants. Again, are we great yet?


Two things seem pretty certain to be true about Trump 4th Of July extravaganza.
1. Donald will over count the crowd size.
2.. Donald will under count the cost.

Amazed that Trump is lying that his 4th of July ego fest won’t cost very much. Expected him to say he would personally pay the costs, and then ignore the bill as usual.


Mad Magazine taught me to see that almost EVERYTHING has a funny side.

Vive les femmes

July 2, 2019

Does anyone think Trump even knew there was a (World Cup semi-final) soccer game today?


In seven games between June 23-29 the SF Giants scored 19 runs.
In the three games since they have scored 33.

Ezekiel Elliott met with Roger Goodell today after he was seen on video fighting with his girlfriend and bumping a security guard. The Cowboys RB said he had “made a poor decision in Las Vegas and needs “to work harder” to not put himself ‘in such situations.”
All part of NFL’s star  player policy – ‘Seven strikes and you’re out.””

It’s a free country and anyone is free to buy from or boycott any company they choose. But let’s be clear, Colin Kaepernick did not protest Nike putting the US flag on their shoes. He was unhappy with them using the 13 star flag sewn by Betsy Ross, which is now used as a symbol by some racists.


And hey, if  you’re upset about Nike removing a flag with 13 stars because it’s become a symbol of racism, but you were fine with Nike paying and promoting both  (alleged, twice) rapist Ben Rothlisberger, & serial cheater Tiger Woods then maybe American values are not your issue.

Ted Cruz is urging Nike boycott because they decided not to sell the shoe with the Betsy Ross flag. Well, not like Nike did anything really awful like accuse Ted’s father of murder.
Uh oh, someone told little Donnie “no” – what tantrum will he throw next? DOJ confirms “decision has been made to print 2020 Decennial Census questionnaire without a citizenship question, and that printer has been instructed to begin the printing process.”
So what WWII museum is getting raided to allow Donald Trump to get his “brand-new Sherman tanks?”
Not that I’m advocating property damage but one way to keep tanks out of DC on July 4th would be for someone to spray-paint John McCain’s name on all of them.
As Trump plans his 4th of July military circus, can we remember this quote from a famous commie-pinko liberal….?
“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower.

No failure to launch.

July 1, 2019

SF Giants 13, San Diego Padres 2,

Pittsburgh Pirates 18, Chicago Cubs 5

So did MLB bring some leftover baseballs home from London?

Two days into NBA free agency, who’s going to sponsor all the uniform patches that say “Hi, my name is…”

What if Kawhi decides to troll us all and pull a Bryce Harper, ie waiting to sign until the preseason starts?

The first Sony Walkman was introduced 40 years ago today. And Millennials are going “the WHAT?”

After the debates Tucker Carlson called Cory Booker “one of the whitest candidates among 2020 Democrats.” Per USA Today “Booker’s campaign declined to comment on Carlson’s remarks.”
If you can’t say anything nice…


Direct quote from Trump as reported by Fox News website tonight on the homeless situation in America “”It’s disgraceful. I’m going to maybe and I’m looking at it very seriously. We’re doing some other things that you probably noticed like some of the very important things that we’re doing now. But we’re looking at it very seriously because you can’t do that.”

This is not a well man.


More WTAF from Trump and homelessness – ” I had a situation when I first became president. We had certain areas of Washington, D.C., where that was starting to happen, and I ended it very quickly.”’
So what, he picked people off the street and hired them? Explains a lot.

The Pentagon has partially approved Trump’s request, and will have a stationary display of tanks in DC on the 4th of July. An aide the preliminary cost for transporting and displaying the tanks is about $870,000.
Wow, that would buy a lot of soap and toothpaste.

White House statement “It is sad but not shocking that the haters choose to attack Ivanka Trump, a senior adviser to the president, when she is promoting U.S. efforts to empower women through strategic partnerships with world leaders.”
Looks like Sarah Sanders may be gone, but she left behind her a goodly supply of burnt facts.

Guess no one told Trump “Take your daughter to work” was a day, not a four-year-term.

Not quite cricket.

July 1, 2019

Last I looked, London was at sea-level.    So with 50 runs scored in two games what did MLB do… instead of regular baseballs use painted balls from Wimbledon?


There are a lot of baseball terms the British don’t know. After this weekend they will think “bullpens” mean pitchers who are brought in when there hasn’t been enough scoring.

And Joe Buck was announcing Red Sox Yankees game in London.   Sorry England. America wasn’t sending our best.


Will Knicks now officially change their name to “chopped liver?

How bad is NBA free agency going for the Knicks? Even the Mets are feeling sympathetic.


Washington Redskins fans have long thought in Dan Snyder they have the worst owner in sports. New York Knicks fans watching Jim Dolan “Hold our overpriced beer.”

So for 2019-2020 season who’s going to sponsor the NBA uniform patch that says “Hi, my name is…?”


New study finds about 1/5 of US adults “have experienced some form of harm due to someone else’s behavior while drinking.” Not to make light of alcoholism which is a serious problem. But how many adults have avoided harm because someone was able to relax with a glass of wine?. Asking for a lot of women.

Some conservatives last weekend using Ellis Island as an example of the way immigrants SHOULD try to come to US.   Ellis Island  had a 98% percent acceptance rate – yet more proof that education causes Democrats.

Only in San Francisco can the Pride Parade be temporarily blocked by protesters from the left.



Meanwhile headline for Trump fundraising email today. “We don’t have much time left.”
Well, we can certainly hope anyway.

Donald Trump “didn’t expect” this last minute meeting with Kim Jong Un to take place like a girl with her sights on a prom date “didn’t expect” to run into a boy at school after lurking near his locker for days.