You go girls.

How many girls and women are going to dye their hair purple tomorrow?


“I believe … that a whole generation of girls and boys will go out and play and say things like, ‘I want to be like Megan Rapinoe when I grow up’ and that they’ll be inspired to talk and win and stand up for themselves …”
Well played, Nike.

But yeah, Money talks. Thinking I’m ready to buy about any product that hires US Women’s National Soccer team as endorsers.

You know Trump was rooting for the Netherlands.

Took Trump a  few hours to congratulate  US Women’s National Team on World Cup win, but guessing we can wait a LONG time before he congratulates US Men’s National team for being Gold Cup runners-up.  To Mexico.

As we enter All-Star Break – Who’d a thunk that right now the player SF Giants wish they had on their 2019 team is not Bryce Harper but Hunter Pence?

Five people hurt during today’s running of the bulls today in Pamplona. How do you say “I want a Darwin award in Spanish?”

Even though his girlfriend wouldn’t press charges, MLB suspended Phillies outfielder Odúbel Herrera for rest of season for violating league’s domestic violence policy.
Wonder how many star young two-sport athletes will hear this story and decide to focus on football instead.

Mississippi just made referring to a plant-based product as a “veggie burger” or “vegetarian hot dog” punishable by jail time. So what happens if you eat a veggie burger after visiting Planned Parenthood? Death penalty?


So Disney has released a short trailer for their live action “Mulan”. They are using an Asian woman to play the lead role but guessing if she were white the same people losing their collective sh*t over a black Little Mermaid would be rather quiet.

Heck, thinking the same  snowflakes who are upset about a black woman playing Little Mermaid would be just fine with a white Pocahontas.

Difference between Democrats and Republicans. If it comes out that both Clinton and Trump were involved with Epstein, Dems will be sad but condemn him. GOP will condemn SDNY or the girls involved.

How long until Trump tweets that he doesn’t know Jeffrey Epstein?

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