Outta here.

Pete Alonso wins Home Run Derby. So will his REAL prize be getting traded from the Mets?

And what’s really amazing about Alonso’s win today, he didn’t get to try to hit any of those home runs against the Mets bullpen.

More than 3 million more Americans watched Women’s World Cup final than watched last men’s World Cup final. So maybe we should pay them MORE?

Just a heads-up, if you liked Trump’s feud with Women’s World Cup championship team, wait until US Men’s Basketball team starts playing for FIBA World Cup in August. Coach of the team? Gregg Popovich.

Couldn’t stomach the idea of watching Trump environmental speech but did he say how he was going to cure windmill cancer?


Very confused. Eric Swalwell isn’t in the Democratic race anymore. So who didn’t give him a rose?

Trump says he will ‘no longer deal’ with the UK’s ambassador to the US after diplomatic cables calling Donald “insecure” and “inept” were leaked to the media.

So what happens if politicians and leaders from countries who Trump has insulted  decide they will “no longer deal” with him?

‘Rick Perry today said Trump’s 4th of July speech was “one of the greatest history lessons that I’ve ever seen before”‘
Your reminder that Perry actually DID graduate from Texas A&M, with a Bachelor’s in “animal science.”

Just how arrogant is Epstein? Even after getting the incredibly sweet and probably illegal plea deal, he still keeps a stash of nude pictures of underage girls at his mansion. Lock him up. For a LONG time.

Ivanka Trump had a scheduled meeting today with British International Trade Secretary Liam Fox.
Before she became First Lady, Hillary Clinton was a partner in a law firm, chair of Children’s Defense Fund, and on several corporate boards including Wal-Mart etc. And remember how GOP went nonlinear when Bill said in electing him, the nation would “get two for the price of one?”


Very confused. Eric Swalwell isn’t in the Democratic race anymore. So who didn’t give him a rose?

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