Star power

Only an All-Star game but Clayton Kershaw was in post-season form.


A question to MLB You put together an All Star Game with the best players in baseball. But you let Joe Buck announce it?

As a fan of good pitching I enjoy this All-Star game. But guessing many casual fans would prefer instead of great pitchers that MLB used instead the Mets and Nationals bullpens.

Rob Manfred “”Baseball has done nothing, given no direction for an alteration in the baseball. The flaw in logic is that baseball wants more home runs. If you sat in owners meetings and listen to people on how the game is played, that is not a sentiment among the owners for whom I work.”
Maybe he means that is not “a” sentiment, it is “THE” sentiment.


Family values alert  –  Trump’s Doral golf resort in Florida will have a golf tournament Saturday put on by a Miami-area strip club. Golfers will be able to pay for a dancer to serve as their “caddy girl” while they play, then they can enjoy a burlesque show afterwards.

Wonder if the dancers have a minimum age?

Billionaire and 1992 third-party Presidential candidate Ross Perot, 89, has passed away. Will he show up at the pearly gates explaining why he should get in using charts?

When the PROOF comes out that Acosta should never have made the deal with Epstein, how long until Trump says “Chose him for my cabinet because he begged me, barely knew the guy?” Dibs on “less than 24 hours.”

Your reminder, not only did Epstein lawyer Ken Starr prosecute Bill Clinton over a blow-job, he was fired as President of Baylor for covering up sexual assaults by football players.

Tom Steyer announces he is running for President to “end the hostile corporate takeover of our democracy.” So instead he wants to continue the billionaire takeover of our democracy?


Julie K. Brown of the Miami Herald worked hard for a long time on the story that may bring down Jeffrey Epstein, along with many of his bad hombre friends. Want to thank her? Subscribe to a newspaper. Or two.

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