Who dat in Vegas?

Drew Brees wins an Espy for “Best Record Breaking Performance,” starts out by thanking his wife, then “Who Dat Nation, the best fans,” and spends a fair amount of time praising the US Women’s Soccer Team. Then closes by talking about the most important things in sports “Gratitude, Humility and Respect.”
And some still wonder why I root for the Saints.

Martina Navratilova played a Wimbledon Legends’ double match today while wearing an “IMPEACH” hat.  An official asked her to take it off during the first changeover, which she quickly did,  saying “Sorry about that.  Forgot I had it on.”

Later  she retweeted a post of the story  with the comment. “Oops, not really.”

Not only is Megan Rapinoe getting much bigger crowds than Trump, she has much better hair.

RIP Jim Bouton, 80. Managed to read his hilarious book soon after it came out when I was 11. And still cannot see or think of the Shoreham Hotel in DC without the term “beaver shooting.”

Hurricane Barry looking scary for Louisiana, which last time I looked was a red state. But not rich enough for Trump to pretend to be concerned about?

Trump got UK ambassador to the US Kim Darroch to resign for privately calling him “inept” and “insecure,” So we shouldn’t remind Donald that Ted Cruz called him a “coward” and “classless? And Lindsey Graham called him “an opportunist. He’s not fit to be President of the United States.”

One Million Moms is protesting Disney’s “dangerous” portrayal of a lesbian couple dropping off their child for kindergarten in “Toy Story 4.” But it would have been okay if a straight couple dropped a little girl off at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion.

So when will it come out that Jeffrey Epstein has a pizza parlor?

Wonder how much younger Acosta’s daughters are than some of the girls Epstein raped? Also how long until they can read about their daddy’s work on the internet?

Labor Secretary  Alex Costa, trying to excuse his past behavior now with Epstein says his message to women victims is to come forward. Alrighty then.


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One Comment on “Who dat in Vegas?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    Trump getting razzed for saying that “the kidney has a special place in the heart” at a recent press conference announcing regulations to promote in-home dialysis. Leave him alone, I say. His kidney was in the right place

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