What’s in a name.

If you now buy a player jersey at NBA store and he gets traded, you can exchange it free within 90 days. A full year if you use your American Express card. Put this down for the Hall of Fame of “promotions that cost a lot more than we thought.”

When free agent Marcus Morris signed a two year deal with the Spurs, the San Antonio zoo gave him a free annual pass.  Then Morris decided to take a one-year deal with New York.  So the zoo cut up his pass.

Not to worry, the power forward may miss out on some animals, but the Knicks still promise to be one of the NBA’s best circuses.



Grizzlies guard Grayson Allen picked up two flagrant fouls in seven seconds and was ejected from tonight’s summer league game against the Celtics in Las Vegas. Where did Allen think he was, back at Duke?

Meanwhile for all teams except the Rangers and Astros, the All-Star break continues until tomorrow.  Making this the best week of the season for the Mets bullpen.


So Paul Ryan is latest to leave DC, then say after the fact how Trump ‘didn’t know anything” and had to be “stopped from making bad decisions. all the time.” Can we change mascot of GOP from an elephant to a jellyfish?

And of course now Trump’s returning the attacks on  Paul Ryan. Can anyone think of anyone who has insulted Donald who he still says nice things about… other than Kim Jong Un?

Tom Steyer says he is running for President because “I couldn’t sleep.” So this whole expensive exercise is because he didn’t ask his physician for an Ambien prescription?

The President of the United State today praised backers of QAnon, known for Pizzagate pedophilia allegations and other insanity. Maybe this projection stuff goes further even than we thought.

Some think Trump is joking about staying in office 6 years or 10, or 14….
Right, like he was joking when he said “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you can find those emails.”

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