Go fourth?


SF Giants have 4th of July off.

Until about a week ago, that would have been cause for fans to celebrate.

Good news for SF Giants fans, Giants hit back-to-back home runs for first time this season.
Bad news for SF Giants fans, Giants hit back-to-back home runs for FIRST time this season.

And yet, Giants, along with any team not named the Marlins, are within 5 games of an NL wild card berth.


Not sure where Kawhi Leonard will sign.  Heck, not even sure he’ll bother to tell us when he does.


RIP Arte Johnson. Damn. Another piece of my twisted childhood gone. Well, comedy heaven just got VERRRRRRY interesting.

Bummer. Massive fire at Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky with as many as 40,000 barrels of bourbon potentially lost. So which hipster bar will be the first to create a flaming bourbon cocktail?


A hearse driver in Nevada was pulled over driving solo in the carpool lane, and was let off with a warning  when he said he had a corpse in back.

But  while we’re talking carpool lanes, shouldn’t any woman who thinks she might be as much as a week pregnant claim GOP says they are able to use them?


AOC said guards in a Trump camp suggested a woman “drink from the toilet.” Rush Limbaugh today suggested drinking toilet water is ‘a step up’ for migrants. Again, are we great yet?


Two things seem pretty certain to be true about Trump 4th Of July extravaganza.
1. Donald will over count the crowd size.
2.. Donald will under count the cost.

Amazed that Trump is lying that his 4th of July ego fest won’t cost very much. Expected him to say he would personally pay the costs, and then ignore the bill as usual.


Mad Magazine taught me to see that almost EVERYTHING has a funny side.

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2 Comments on “Go fourth?”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    So Trumpty does read. “Revolutionary War Airports for Dummies”.

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