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The pen is mightier than the sword

June 28, 2018

And the gun.

-Trump likes to tout his own bravery and slam the press.
Meanwhile #CapitalGazette will publish a newspaper tomorrow. #truecourage

Jameis Winston suspended just 3 games by NFL. Good thing for #Buccaneers that their QB just sexually assaulted an Uber driver instead smoking some pot

Really miss living in world where as #Spurs & #SFGiants fan most upsetting news today would involve trading Kawhi Leonard & a blown save. #CapitalGazette

Japan advances over Senegal on “fair play points?” And people complain that the balk rule is weird.

(And once Japan knew the “fair play” rule would get them in, they basically played a four-corners offense for the last 10 minutes of the game to run out the clock without more scoring….)

Congratulations to Kevin Abel, 129 pitch 2-hit shutout after 23 pitches yesterday to win CWS for Oregon State
But six innings in MLB is a quality start……

Rod Rosenstein is a Trump-appointed Republican. Period.


Re Mueller investigation – “Finish it the hell up” says the man who dragged out Benghazi for over 2 years… #TreyGowdy #Whythereisnosatire

At least all these people who want to overturn Roe V. Wade also want to expand welfare benefits to poor women and children. Oh, wait… never mind. #ProLifeMyAss

Who says Trump isn’t doing anything to respond to Capital Gazette shootings? He got BFF Vlad to unleash Russian bots to blame it on Democrats.

Trump refused to speak to reporters about murdered Annapolis journalists when he returned to White House today.
But had shooter been an immigrant or Muslim he’d have been screaming loudly about his wall or travel ban.

How can you call the press “fake news” and the “enemy of the people” without EXPECTING someone to try to kill journalists? Asking for a sad country.

Even if today’s killer wasn’t directly motivated by Trump, calling free press “the enemy of the people” dehumanizes journalists, and provides justification to angry men looking for excuses to kill. Period.


Auf Wiedersehen?

June 28, 2018

Just guessing it’s not a great day for business if you run a Korean BBQ restaurant in Germany.

A little good news for the day, since James Borrego left for the Hornets job, San Antonio Spurs have promoted assistant coach Becky Hammon to the front of the bench,


Final game of #CollegeWorldSeries tomorrow between #OregonState and #Arkansas. And if anyone doesn’t have a team yet, Sarah Huckabee Sanders did start off Monday’s press briefing “Go Hogs.”

Germany is out of the World Cup. How long until Trump tweets taking credit?

Open note to @JeffFlake – Your book is “Conscience of a Conservative.” Show it now please, and announce you will not vote to confirm Trump SCOTUS nominee before the election.

Important potential bright spot w/ Kennedy retiring. He’s only doing it now to get a conservative replacement. Which means he too expects a November Blue Wave.

McConnell – “Senate stands ready to fulfill its constitutional role by offering advice and consent on President Trump’s nominee to fill this vacancy.”
Uh, but clearly this close to a midterm election we should let people decide.

US and Russia have agreed on a Trump-Putin summit. In addition to their nightly bedtime chats?

Since “My Pillow” is a big advertiser on KNBR, figured SF Giants fans should know that Trump at today’s rally is praising his strong supporter Mike Lindell, CEO & founder of “My Pillow.”

Trump taunt tonight – “slovenly man named Joe Crowley, got his ass kicked by a young woman who had a lot of energy.”
Guessing he won’t find it as entertaining when young women with a lot of energy kick GOP ass this November.


Somehow I’ve missed all the comments from so-called liberals  after Kennedy’s retirement saying “there’s no difference between the parties.”

It is a lot easier to convince someone who doesn’t think elections matter to vote than it is to change the mind of someone who has voted, even if they made the wrong choice. #confirmationbias