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Straight shooters?

June 21, 2018

No runs allowed in 8 innings and game winning RBI. In Madbum we trust.

“Baseball is a slow, boring, complex, cerebral game that doesn’t lend itself to histrionics. You “take in” a baseball game, something odd to say about a football or basketball game, w/ the clock running and the bodies flying.” #CharlesKrauthammer. RIP He would have liked Madbum


Meanwhile, Don Mattingly and Dan Straily suspended for throwing at Buster Posey in Marlins SF Giants game Tuesday.
Moral of story – don’t retaliate at superstars. Especially one the Marlins have broken already.

Argentina and Messi would like to thank Melania Trump and her jacket for making sure they weren’t the most embarrassing story of the day. #WorldCup

Many worry- about changing minds of Trump supporters. To use baseball analogy, to get more #SFGiants fans you don’t try to convert #Dodgers fans, you try to recruit NEW fans, or those who haven’t cared much about any team in the past.

Remember when the worst jacket we could imagine was Barack Obama’s tan one?

Melania at the border today  “I’d like to ask you how I can help these children to reunite with their families as quickly as possible.”

Uh, tell your husband to resign?


So maybe Trump plan is to get some celebrity mad enough to call Melania a “feckless c*nt” so GOP can act all aggrieved and NY Times can talk about both sides?


Melania’s spokesperson #ItsJustAJacket
Donald  Trump – It was a jab at journalists
Amazing buses can run in DC with all the people Trump has thrown under them?

GOP apologists trying to make these detention centers seem so luxurious that soon Scott Pruitt will be sending his staff to steal their body lotion.

Supreme Court ruled states can force retailers to collect sales taxes even if they don’t have a physical presence in the state.
Wait until Trump figures out that means 47 states will now start taxing purchases from Trump Store!

Trump wants to merge Departments of Labor and Education. Presumably he’ll put Betsy Devos in charge. She knows as little about Labor as she does about Education.

Back to baseball from Marc Ragovin – “Brewers’ pitcher Adrian Houser threw up twice while on the mound the other day. Gave up a run but completed the inning. Guess you can say he “gutted it out.”