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One on one?

June 10, 2018

So it was Strickland vs  Harper to lead off bottom 9th in DC. Guessing both SF Giants and Nationals wish they had subscribed to show it on pay-per-view.

But didn’t everyone have SF Giants’  Derek Holland outdueling Washington Nationals’ Max Scherzer?

The same as everyone had Seth Lugo, normally a Mets reliever, outpitching Yankees ace Luis Severino.


After his Triple Crown win Justify walked laps in the barn and then was brought outside to meet reporters. ESPN –  “He pricked his ears at the sound of the shutter clicks, and when Baffert led him closer, he playfully bit at one camera.”

“Playfully?”   Written by someone who hasn’t been around a lot of stallions.

Some complaints now that trainer Bob Baffert’s other horse, “Restoring Hope,” by running second in the Belmont Stakes early prevented other horses from catching Justify. Uh, in a mile and a half race,  plenty of time to go around.



Robert DeNiro “F*ck Trump.” And Stormy Daniels is thinking “Not enough money in the world for me to do it again.

That moment that President’s top economic adviser thinks Canada is governed by “Pierre Trudeau.” Another stable genius.


Imagine GOP outrage if Robert DeNiro had said that Trump had a perfect smokey eye?

The real reason Trump is so upset at Justin Trudeau….  ivanka


Meanwhile, Melania Trump attended Ford’s Theater Gala in DC tonight. Suppose it would be tacky to joke that finally nice to see a First Lady so happy to walk out of theater without her husband by her side.