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We are all Phil

June 16, 2018

This isn’t a #USOpen, it’s the golf version of #Survivor.


Anyone but me think the way Shinnecock Hills played today that most pro-golfers are secretly cheering Phil Mickelson? #USOpen

UNC beat Oregon State 8-6 today in 4 hrs & 24 min, longest game in College World Series history. Who did they think they were? The Yankees & Red Sox?

Has there ever been tournament in recorded history where a golf ball has followed all the yelled instructions to “Get in the hole?”

World Cup shocker – Iceland tied Argentina! Of course for many the shocker is that Iceland had a World Cup team.

A 48-yr-old man pulled over for alleged DUI Thursday allegedly then raised a can of beer and chugged it. Could this have been anywhere else but Florida?


In case you didn’t know – new #LATimes owner is Patrick Soon-Shiong – born in South Africa to immigrant parents who fled from China during Japanese occupation in World War

“My supporters are the smartest, strongest, most hard working and most loyal that we have seen in our countries history. ”
Uh, it’s “country’s….”

Amazing to think for millions of Americans that using profanity towards Trump & his family is now more offensive than taking young children away from their families. #AreWeGreatYet?


In honor of #FathersDay how many fathers will @realDonaldTrump separate from their children?


Although perhaps for Father’s Day someone will remind Trump before he tweets how many children he has?

White House conversation this week? “Let’s see, angering all our allies may not have been enough to seriously damage US reputation in the world. I know, let’s try defending taking children from parents.”

Guess I understand why #GOP senators running for re-election might be too cowardly to challenge Trump on separating families.
But those who are retiring? What would it take for a sense of decency?

So how long until it comes out that someone in Trump family is making big $$$ off of policy of separating families? Trump factories to employ the children? Trump-branded food? Trump tents?


June 16, 2018

Another reason to hate Trump, as a Spurs fan I miss the days when the most upsetting news of the day would be the rumor that Kawhi Leonard might want to play in Los Angeles.


Can anyone explain to me how Austin Jackson at end of his career can seriously be better 2018 option than Steven Duggar at beginning of his?#SFGiants

When SF Giants are in a hole in centerfield, maybe time to start Duggaring?

Not a golfer but if only one  or two players  is under par, maybe it really isn’t “par?”#USOpen

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes indicted on federal criminal wire fraud charges after stepping down as CEO of company. If Holmes can avoid prison she’s attractive & disingenuous enough her next job could be at Fox News.

A tow truck at Frankfurt Airport caught fire while pulling a Lufthansa Airbus, damaging the plane so badly it may be unrepairable. What’s Germany for #WannaGetAway?

Scott Pruitt now moving to replace an Obama WOTUS (Waters Of The US) rule that protects drinking water for 117 million Americans. Let them drink Perrier?

Trump reportedly threatened Japanese PM Shinzo Abe he’d send “25 million Mexicans” to Japan during a discussion on immigration.
How? On Trump Air? No wait, they’re out of business…

Manafort has been sent to jail. Such a harsh punishment for being Trump’s covfefe boy.

Trump this morning “Manafort has nothing to do with our campaign,”
Right, that’s why he had the title “Campaign Manager.” #WTF?

Trump on Comey Friday morning “What he did was a terrible thing to the people.” Uh, yes, he helped you get elected.

Mitch McConnell says Mueller investigation, which started in May 2017 has “gone on too long.”
The Benghzai investigations lasted over two and a half years.

How long until Trump administration stops a pregnant migrant woman from having an abortion and then takes her baby away when it’s born?

Trump on Kim Jong Un “He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.”
Trump later said he was joking. Two words. Yeah. Right.